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Support SMSA

Support SMSA

As members of the SMSA family, we are all "connected”—connected in our faith, the legacy of the Springs, and in our mission to further advance Catholic education for generations to come. Our alumni are invited to connect in many ways, and whether you do so through social media, special events, or reunion weekends,there is simply something special about connecting back to SMSA that makes it feel like home.

Our focus continues to be on transforming leaders of tomorrow by providing an “enriched” learning environment. Although the landscape of SMSA has changed over the years and continues to evolve with time, our values are steadfast. The blessings a Catholic-enriched education affords our youth are evident. From alumni success stories to the current stories of achievement that exist within our halls today,the education provided at SMSA continues to transform students from the inside out. Along with an ongoing focus on the academic rigor of our system we continue to strive to provide an enriched learning environment where our Catholic identity is at the core of our mission and vision.

As supporters of our mission and vision, our generous donors allow us to continue to not only sustain, but also grow. The SMSA Fund, our annual fund, is essential for our annual operations—to put it simply, we would not be here without your support. As for what’s on the horizon…it could not be a more exciting time for SMSA. The Second Century Campaign is in full swing and we will be open in the fall of 2016 for our PK-12 campus. 

Whether you’re an alumni, parent, past parent, friend, or a combination of many, thank you for all that you do in helping us "Become One" with a PK-12 consolidated campus at St. Mary’s Springs Academy.

Kindest Regards,

Kelly Norton