2020 Athletic Hall of Fame

The 2020 Athletic Hall of Fame will be held Friday, October 2nd at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center (625 Rolling Meadows Drive).

We are accepting nominations for the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.  Please make your nominations before April 1, 2021.  Thank you!

The purpose of this organization is to give lasting recognition to outstanding athletes and individuals that have contributed to the promotion and development of athletics at SMSA High School. SMSA Athletic Hall of Fame is about inspiring the students and the public, by highlighting the accomplishments of the people who have been instrumental in creating a tradition of athletic excellence at SMSA High School.


Criteria for athletic membership: Any person who has earned at least one SMSA HS athletic lettering award. Moral character and good citizenship during high school and post high school years shall be a consideration. Nominees for the SMSA HS Athletic Hall of Fame shall have last competed in a WISAA/WIAA sponsored sport at SMSA HS at least 10 years prior to the proposed date of their induction into the Hall of Fame. Although athletic achievement while attending SMSA HS is of prime importance, outstanding accomplishments after leaving SMSA HS will also be a factor in making the selections. Nominees must have participated on a WISAA/WIAA sponsored athletic team at SMSA HS.


Criteria for coaches, athletic directors, and other memberships: They exemplify good character and citizenship. Any coach or athletic director needs to be retired from SMSA HS and no longer actively coaching. Other factors that will influence the selection of a coach: won-lost record at SMSA HS; length of coaching career at SMSA HS; concern for the welfare of the players; achievement of their former players; and outstanding achievements after leaving SMSA HS.


The SMSA High School Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall consider nominees for selection into SMSA HS Athletic Hall of Fame on an annual basis. 

2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Top Left: Mitchell Schneider ’08, Josh Schneider ’03, Jacob Mueller ’99, Nilo Lloren ’89 and Gerard Berenz ’77.  Bottom Left: Craig Hawley ’82, John Pawsat ’57, Coach Joe Bird ’65, Coach Sr. Florence Magnan and Joseph Brandt ’62.

2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Honored Team

Varsity Boys ’81 – ’87 Hockey Teams

Members from the honored teams.  Top Left: Kevin Klapperich, Bob Engelhart, Tony Ahern, Scott Paveglio, Mark Grebe and Doc Schaefer.  Bottom Left: Tim Ahern, Todd Deanovich, Dean Deanovich, Pete Manowske, Don Grebe and Randy Polakoski.

2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Photo Gallery

2018 SMSA Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Patrick Steffes ’06

Jeff Ellestad ’03

Robin (Johnson) Thousand ’98

Kurt Semandel ’85

Shawn O’Loughlin ’75

Rich Petrie ’73

Paul “Chip” Kremer ’60

Coach Bob Baker ’66

Honored ’94 – ’98 Girls Cross Country Teams


2017 SMSA Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Bob Sheridan ’55

David Schommer ’82

Matt Massick ’87

Rob Hyland ’92

Sam Mueller ’96

Amy (Walters) Schlotthauer ’99

Mike Tack ’01

Matt Moses ’06

Coach: Tom Neises

Honored: ’92-’93 and ’93-’94 Boys Basketball State Championship Teams


2016 SMSA Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Richard Pawsat, MD ‘53

Dave Shaw ‘73

Terese A. Sheridan ‘75

Jim Baudry ‘76

Dave Baudry ‘77

Blaine Toshner ’84

David Casalena ‘86

Elizabeth Pesch ‘98

Coach: Jerry Tighe

Honored: ‘83 Football State Champions