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Second Century Campaign

During the past decade, St. Mary's Springs Academy has taken major strides to bring Catholic education to the Greater Fond du Lac area to a new level of excellence. Our ul... Read More

Jazz Night

St. Mary's Springs Academy Vocal Jazz Ensembles and Jazz Band are performing a Jazz Night!!!  Click on the photo for more information. Read More


Are you a current family? Click the FAMILY link at the top of the site to find all the information you need. Don't find something you need, email and le... Read More

Apply at SMSA

At this time, any new applications for 3rd and 8th grade will be put on a "Waiting" list.  Read More

Fine Arts

8th Grade Art - Story Telling Plates/Tiles 8th Grade Art - Story Telling Plates/Tiles

Students looked at Narrative Artist David Stabley's work, whose work often told stories. Students were then asked to pick out a favorite children's book and create a plate or tile which narrates or tells part of the story from their book. Students were asked to add form to their plates by building up or carving away parts of their plates.

SMSA Music SMSA Music

St. Mary's Springs Academy, offers a wide variety of activities and opportunities for students to excel in music. Activities include jazz band, music liturgy, the concert choir and more.

Creativity at SMSA Creativity at SMSA

St. Mary's Springs Academy, encourages students to find their creative voice. Students have the opportunity to work in several mediums, such as clay, painting, metals, drawing, screen printing and more.

SMSA Admissions

Hear from the Teofilo's about their commitment to sending their 9 children to St. Mary's Springs Academy. They discuss the value of a Springs' education and how the Springs was there for them to help with the financial commitment.