Tuition and Fees at St. Mary’s Springs Academy

The annual tuition at St. Mary’s Springs Academy is an investment in both your family and Catholic education in the Fond du Lac area. Your tuition helps the Academy invest in resources that directly impact your child including technology, curriculum/textbooks, classroom supplies, teacher salaries/benefits, and much more. Tuition cost includes most fees.


St. Mary’s Springs Academy
Tuition Rates 2019-2020

Preschool (P3) a.m. – (M-F) or (M,W,F) — $2,340

Enrichment (P3) p.m. – (M-F) or (M,W,F) — $2,340

K4 a.m. – (M-F) — $2,340

Enrichment (K4) p.m. – (M-F) or (M,W,F) — $2,340

K5 (all day) – Grade 5 — $3,420

Grades 6-8 — $3,990

Grades 9-12 — $6,775

International Grades 8-12 — $12,670

Multi-Student Discount

This discount is given to families with more than one child in the system. The oldest child will be charged full tuition and the younger siblings will receive a discount based on grade level.

  • High School: $400 for each additional student
  • All Day Kindergarten through Grade 8: $300 for each additional student

Tuition Payment Options and Details

A tuition statement will be mailed to you in June for payment. Each family is responsible for making arrangements to either pay in full or to enroll in one of the following payment plans. If a responsible party defaults on the selected payment plan, a 1% fee will be added each month to the unpaid balance. It is also the policy of St. Mary’s Springs Academy that failure to sign a payment plan by the start of the school year will cancel registration for that school year.

Tuition Payment Plans

Pay in Full – Cash

To pay in full upfront with cash or check, the tuition balance is due in full by July 15, for all families receiving a tuition invoice (mailed early June). Anyone registering after July 15 will have 30 days from the processing of the registration form to pay in full or begin a payment plan. (Please note that enrollment is based on a first-come first-serve basis and grade caps might restrict late enrollments).


Pay in Full – Credit Card

To pay in full upfront with a credit card, the tuition balance is due in full by July 15. A processing fee of 3% will be added to the payment amount to cover the credit card transaction cost to the school.


SMSA Payment Plan

Families must pay 25% of the outstanding balance by July 15. A payment plan maintenance fee of 5.5% is added to the remaining balance. SMSA uses an Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct withdrawal payment plan and families arrange for monthly payments to be made via direct checking or savings account withdrawals. Withdrawals begin August 15th and continue through May 15th.


Enroll in Loan Program at National Exchange Bank

Families can elect to take out a loan in order to pay tuition and fee charges. Loan papers are processed at National Exchange Bank. Payments begin August 1 and continue through May 1.