Tuition and Fees at St. Mary’s Springs Academy

The annual tuition at St. Mary’s Springs Academy is an investment in both your family and Catholic education in the Fond du Lac region. Tuition cost includes most fees, including registration fee. Your tuition helps to provide the resources that directly affect your students, including highly qualified faculty, curriculum, technology, classroom supplies, and much more!


St. Mary’s Springs Academy
Tuition Rates 2023-2024



Legacy Grant

Due to additional financial support from generous benefactors, a Legacy Grant has been established.  See above how this Legacy Grant may be applied, as tuition assistance, to the various grade levels to help reduce the tuition costs.


Families blessed with the ability to pay full tuition rates may opt out of the legacy grant during the registration process.


Our generous benefactors include the St. Mary’s Springs Academy Foundation and The Fond du Lac Area Foundation – James and Jacqueline Marcoe Memorial Fund. Families are encouraged to consider supporting these benefactors when their financial circumstances make it possible to make donations. Supporting these benefactors will help to continue the Legacy Grant for future generations of Ledgers. 



Multi-Student Discount

This discount is given to families with more than one child in the system. The oldest child will be charged full tuition and the younger sibling(s) will receive a discount based on grade level.

  • High School: $400 for each additional student
  • Kindergarten through Grade 8: $300 for each additional student

Refer a Family Program

A $500 tuition credit will be applied to your account for each new family you refer that enrolls at SMSA for the new school year.  There is no limit to the number of referral awards a current SMSA family can receive.  Click Here for more details.

Tuition and Fee Payment Options and Details

A tuition statement will be provided to enrolled families in June. Each family is responsible for making arrangements to either pay tuition and the technology fee in full or to enroll in the SMSA Payment Plan. St. Mary’s Springs Academy reserves the right to charge a 5.5% maintenance fee on any unpaid account balance that exists past the original remittance due date. This is effective for tuition account balances as well as for separate invoices that may be provided to a family for fees related to ACT testing, dual enrollment courses, etc. 


With regard to the payment plan option, it is the policy of St. Mary’s Springs Academy, at its discretion, that failure to complete, sign, and return the necessary forms to the SMSA Business Office by July 15 will cancel a family’s registration for the upcoming school year.  See SMSA Payment Plan below regarding the necessary forms.

Tuition Payment Options

Pay in Full – Cash or Check

To pay in full with cash or check, the tuition statement balance is due in full by July 15.  Families that register after June 15 will have 15 days from the processing of the registration form to pay in full or begin a payment plan.  Please be aware that enrollment is based on a first-come first-served basis and grade caps might restrict late enrollments.


Pay in Full – Credit Card

To pay in full with a credit card, the tuition statement balance is due by July 15. A processing fee of 3% will be added to the payment amount to cover the credit card transaction cost.  Please call the SMSA Business Office at 920-322-8009 to make your payment via credit card.


SMSA Payment Plan

For families that choose the SMSA Payment Plan option, a Payment Plan Calculation Form and an Authorization for Direct Payment Form will be provided to you along with your tuition statement.  A 25% down payment will be due by July 15.  A payment plan maintenance fee of 4.5% will be added to the remaining balance.  SMSA uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system to initiate withdrawals from a family’s bank account in order to collect tuition payments.  The ACH withdrawals will occur on the second and fourth Fridays of each month beginning in August and continuing through May. 


The schedule of ACH withdrawal dates is listed below:



Past-Due Consequences

SMSA reserves the right to discontinue service to any student of a family that is past-due in its financial obligation to the System (see Archdiocese of Milwaukee PARISH & SCHOOL POLICY MANUAL, SECTION 3240.1).  No less than 15 days’ notice will be given to the financially responsible party of this intent. Accounts that remain past-due for more than two months may be turned over to an attorney or collection agency for further action.


Please keep your account current throughout the year. If circumstances occur that affect your ability to pay, please contact our Director of Business Operations immediately to discuss resources available to SMSA families.


Late Enrollment and Refunds: Prorating Tuition

Tuition is evenly applicable to each week beginning with the first week of school and ending with the last week of school for the current year. When a student withdraws or enrolls, tuition, and technology fee will be prorated on a weekly basis. Please note that the technology fee is not refundable upon withdrawal. If a student is in attendance for any part of a week, the total week will be included in the proration. If the student has received a tuition credit of any kind toward tuition, the credit will also be prorated in the calculation of the refund or the amount remaining due.


Refunds, if they apply, will be issued within 45 days of receipt of the completed withdrawal documentation.


If an overpayment exists as of the last day of school and the student is enrolled at SMSA for the subsequent year, the overpayment will be carried forward on the account and treated as a prepayment of future tuition due. However, if the student is not enrolled for the subsequent year at SMSA, the overpayment will be refunded to the financially responsible party.