Parent Connectors

All Parent Connector events might be adjusted due to the current pandemic. Please refer to eLedger for any updates.


The SMSA Parent Connectors is a group of dedicated parents, committed to support our System by welcoming all families, tenured and new, to be a part of the fabric of our school. These parents plan a plethora of activities and events throughout the year that promote System unity and celebrate our unique Catholic school community.


Our Parent Connectors Mission is: new family outreach and support, community building activities and appreciate & celebrate our staff and faculty.


New Family Outreach: Making 1:1 connections with new families through calls/emails, event invitations, and more.


Community building activities… Hosting community wide events such as Trunk or Treat, “Ledger Express: A Christmas Celebration,” SMSA Student Showcase, appreciation and celebration of staff & faculty, planning staff and faculty appreciation week, “Staff Spotlight” recognition, and providing food for conferences.


Parent Connectors is committed to ensuring the spirit of the SMSA community and culture through events and outreach that unite our students, families and staff. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to volunteer in any of the above areas. For more information or to start helping TODAY, please reach out to Andrea Nuss,