It's a blessing to serve...

…as the Elementary Principal. Each day at SMSA is an opportunity to plant and nourish gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, and knowledge. Elementary students learn to play, pray, and work together in a positive school community. Through experiences, activities, and engagement each student will enrich their whole person including faith, heart work, mind, and body. This is the beginning of our mission rooted in Catholic teaching, academic excellence, and service to Church and community. Together, we seek to prepare our students to meet global challenges and become leaders for tomorrow.


– Principal Steve Kelnhofer

Explore Elementary School


Elementary teachers at SMSA understand children are unique, don't share the same learning style, and take time to learn the unique God-given strengths. They provide a wide array of methods to implement instruction.


SMSA has a vibrant, and ever-growing arts program that begins the time they enter elementary school. Students in elementary school are involved in art and music classes and performances throughout the year and as a part of weekly Mass.


Athletics programming for SMSA students begins in 5th grade. Prior, students are taught basic athletic skills by way of our physical education programming. However, younger students (beginning in 1st grade) are invited to participate in both summer camps and clubs.


We accommodate St. Mary’s Springs Academy families who have children enrolled from P3 through 8th grade on a full-time or part-time basis.

Faith Development

Through community service, daily prayer, Mass, devotions and daily Theology classes; the faith life of our students is at the heart of what it means to be a member of the St. Mary’s Springs Community.

Family & Community Engagement

We are an extension of your family…welcoming, supportive, and engaging. We host several family events throughout the year to grow the spirit of commUNITY!

Student Support

SMSA Student Services and Counseling Departments work with teachers, administration, and parents to ensure that all students have access to personal and academic support throughout their schooling.