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SMSA Construction Blog

SMSA Construction Blog

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Steel Sprouts

July 15, 2015
By Blaine Hechimovich

This week's update centers around the tower...again. Last Thursday the first set of arches were molded and put into place. Since then a few more levels of blocks have been added.  The tower is taller than the existing building.  One image above shows a worker stabilizing the frames for additional arches for windows in the tower.  The tower has openings for the arches. The front of the building outside the Commons is shown. Some of the walls/foundations that were set and poured last week were backfilled this week.  Plumbing pipes have been installed from the locker rooms to just behind the tower.  The tower receives four more arches.  

As John Resop said yesterday, "the ironworkers have arrived."  As every new 'specialty' joins the 'team' I am amazed at the skill, balance, strength that is needed to perform the jobs. 

One of the many constants is the crane operator--a shout out to him today for lifting blocks, empty pallets, mortar, concrete, generators, water, braces, I-beams, and whatever else he moves, with a steady hand, to the other workers on the site. 

These crews have been working at a breakneck speed and been doing a fantastic job!  Please offer some prayers for continued safety for all workers as they continue to build St. Mary's Springs Academy's future!

Summer Work Moving Forward

June 30, 2015
By Blaine Hechimovich

This week's update shows the progress of the tower/elevator shaft. Included is a view of the tower from Hwy K, the weekly view from Jussen Lobby. This time I couldn't show the top and bottom of the tower in a horizontal picture. When we returned from Easter break all of the trees had been cut down.  Someone commented on how much brighter the lighting was in Jussen Lobby. Well, you can imagine that it isn't as bright now that the tower is there.  It has been interesting watching the tower go up. In the distance the 'wafflemaker' made another appearance, flattening and settling the parking lot.  A repeat photo from last week of the curved entryway of the school. Concrete was poured into those holes that were dug last week.  The retention pond near the softball field is finished. All that's left is for the grass to grow back

-Pictures and today's excerpt from Mary Haugen

First Concrete Poured

April 30, 2015
By Blaine Hechimovich

The foundation of the new school building has begun being poured out on the ledge.  The concrete was poured just to the south of the current high school building.  The last couple weeks have seen a large amount of earth moved from where the high school entrance used to be.  A new entrance has been created through the Trophy Lobby doors.  Great weather has given the construction crews a great start on this amazing project!


Groundbreaking Ceremony - April 22, 2015

April 23, 2015
By Blaine Hechimovich

April 22, 2015 will officially mark the beginning on the construction of St. Mary's Springs Academy's new Preschool - 8th grade addition to the current standing SMSA High School and the start of phase 1 of a process to renew and reinvigorate Catholic Education in Fond du Lac, WI.  The ceremony was held on a cold afternoon under a tent looking out across Hwy K to the site where the new building will one day stand.  Several distinguished guests spoke to the crowd of nearly 200 about the rich history of SMSA, the institutions impact on the greater Fond du Lac region, as well as prayers and hopes for the future.  To call this event momentous might not fully describe the significance of what has happened to bring SMSA to this point, or to properly excite for what is in store in the future.  The Second Century Campaign has very nearly reached its $24.3 million goal and has over half already collected.  The sheer outpouring of support and generosity by way of donations shown for this project is unlike anything ever accomplished in the Fond du Lac region!  Many very accomplished individuals and families have reached down deep to make this construction a reality and many cite their unforgettable and irreplaceable Catholic education received at St. Mary's Springs Academy as their motivating factor.  SMSA is also receiving the full support of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as stated by Dr. Kathleen Cepelka '65, Archdiocesan Superintendent of School and current SMSA Board Member.  Dr. Cepelka spoke about SMSA as a "Jewel of the North" and how positively necessary the Archdiocese sees this construction to continue advancing and offering affordable, academically excellent, Catholic education in the region.  Fr. Ryan Pruess, SMSA Priest Designate, prayed with us and offered a blessing for the area the new school will be built.  Anyone would be remiss if they did not acknowledge and thank Holy Family Catholic Community, the largest yearly SMSA benefactor, for their constant support and religious guidance as well.  Distinguished alumni Mark Hutter '84, Allen Buechel '65, and Dr. Tim Twohig '61 were also presenters on this day.  Mark Hutter emceed and shared many aspects about those who have given so tirelessly to bring this project from an idea, to paper, and then to reality.  Allen Buechel, Fdl County Executive, spoke to the impact that SMSA has had and will continue to have on the Fond du Lac region, and Dr. Tim Twohig spoke about attending, sending his children, and now watching his grandchildren experience the same excellence in education he had received so many years ago.  Finally, we heard from Sr. Jean Steffes, General Superior of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes, to bring the past to the present.  She spoke of the integral part the Sisters of St. Agnes have had in, not only St. Mary's Springs Academy's legacy, but on that of the entire Fond du Lac region.  Sr. Jean beautifully weaved the past into the present and gave us a closing prayer asking for the Holy Spirit's guidance as we move forward.  A special thanks is given to the SMSA Board of Directors, the Second Century Campaign Steering Committee, the Building Committees, the Campaign Cabinet, the generous donors of all kinds, and the families of the past, present, and future that make SMSA what it is.  Finally, All Praise and Glory be to Jesus Christ, for it is with His unyielding love, guidance, and mercy that we are able to do all things.  May we continue to be focused on bringing His Word to the children of this world and form them to bring His Love to all they meet.  This is neither a beginning nor an end, this is simply the next step in the history of St. Mary's Springs Academy.  Come along for the ride!  MORE PICTURES HERE


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