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SMSA Second Century Campaign

SMSA Second Century Campaign

The Second Century Campaign:

Construction began in April 2015 to build a new , comprehensive, state-of-the-art, pre-K through grade 12 school. The new building (through both renovation and new construction) is on the site where the former high school resided. It has been determined that the following components are crucial in building a school that will meet not only the needs of today, but projected needs well into the future. Some of the new features include:

  • Consolidated preschool, elementary, middle and high school with capacity for 900+ students

  • Shared/communal spaces including cafeteria, science labs, computer labs, library, etc.

  • Accessibility to all levels of the campus for persons with disabilities

  • Green space for both playgrounds, walking paths, and outdoor classrooms

  • Complete technology overhaul including infrastructure, classroom integration and labs

  • AND...a divine worship space at the heart of the school

The goal for the SMSA school of tomorrow, our Second Century Campaign, is $25.8 million. In fact, the last remaining piece of our project, is to glorify our new chapel.

The Second Century Campaign: Capstone project

SMSA is so pleased to have the Chapel of St. Mary: Our Lady of the Ledge as our final “ta-da” moment for the Second Century Campaign. Together, we have successfully raised nearly $25 million to integrate pre-k through grade 12 on a singular, state-of-the art campus. Central to this unique Catholic educational experience will be the chapel. This space serves as a vibrant beacon for all to celebrate Christ, right in the heart of the campus.

SMSA successfully secured a unique name for this place of worship: Chapel of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Ledge. It is so unique that no other worship space has ever used this title. Approved by The Most Reverend Jerome Listecki, Archibishop of Milwaukee, the name represents the distinction of SMSA’s Catholic educational community, dedicated to Mary and unique location atop the Fond du Lac Ledge, where SMSA’s roots are firmly planted.  

By putting Christ in the physical and spiritual center of the campus, this project showcases the commitment to the gospel, the Eucharist and family. Members of the St. Mary’s Springs Academy community, are called to develop their Catholic faith and to then go forth and serve the greater community. Through prayer and action, the SMSA community lives its distinctive, St. Mary’s Springs Academy mission.

The plans for this chapel reflect the unique traditions and rich history of SMSA. Great thought has been given to incorporate elements of the system’s past and its distinctiveness as a Catholic educational community. Here are a few of the features that will help tell the story for all who enter the space:

  • A bronze shrine of Mary seated on Fond du Lac limestone near a spring of running water in quiet prayer, surrounded by Jesus and other children. Behind her is a mural, as if peering down from the Ledge upon Lake Winnebago, SMSA in the distance and in the distance, St. Agnes surrounded by a flock of sheep (representing the foundation of the school),

  • Blessing font in glass mosaic, illustrating and recognizing the spring water which seeps from the Ledge,

  • Several windows from the former St. Joseph Church, refurbished and included in the space,

  • An altar, ambo, and tabernacle stand hand crafted using Fond du Lac limestone and native wood species

  • Both the tabernacle and crucifix, saved from the chapel in Main Hall, refurbished and included in the space,

  • A new main window over the altar that showcases the Holy Spirit and Mary’s Immaculate Conception ·          

St. Mary’s Springs Academy is committed to creating disciples who are well educated and grounded in their faith. This chapel serves as a daily reminder of God’s presence in the lives of SMSA students. As their faith journey continues, the Chapel of St. Mary, Our Lady of the Ledge is a place to both deepen their commitment to God and to reflect upon the world in which they live. As the Sisters of St. Agnes continue to teach all of us through their example, it is how we intersect our faith and our actions that matter most. 

Please consider supporting this important project! Your gift is an investment into the stability and vitality of Catholic-enriched education here in Fond du Lac, and is an integral part in building the future of St. Mary’s Springs Academy. You gift will directly impact our ability to form, grow and strengthen the faith of students for generations to come.