Our vision at SMSA is to provide a Christ-centered educational approach for all students who attend, facilitated by teachers through academic differentiation, intervention, enrichment, and individualized learning opportunities. As a result, SMSA has expanded our Student Services Department significantly over the course of the past several years, in an effort to provide greater support to students who require academic intervention. These added services are provided to students in the least restrictive environment, and to the greatest extent possible, students receive their education in the regular education classroom with their peers.  


The team at the Elementary (grades PreK – 5) level includes a Director of Student Services, an Elementary Interventionist and a Student Services Aide. Students at this level may be eligible to receive small group intervention or in-class support for language arts and/or math. Students may also qualify to receive specialized services through the local public school district, including Speech and Language therapy and Title 1 reading instruction. The middle/high school (grades 6-12) includes a Director of Student Services in addition to two Support Specialists that support our Student Success Labs; a guided study hall where students can receive extra study skills, homework support and accommodations for exams/assessments.


SMSA currently serves students with special needs such as speech and language, learning disabilities, other health impairments, and/or students identified with ADD/ADHD. Although this is not a comprehensive list, inquiries regarding students with other special needs require a phone call to our Student Services team.


It is recommended that at the time of enrollment, current IEPs, service plans or building accommodation plans are discussed with our Enrollment Coordinator and Directors of Student Services. While we do our best to accommodate students with special needs, we want all children to have every opportunity to grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically. SMSA understands that some students need more support than we are able to offer; therefore students requiring more intensive academic and/or behavioral support are not able to be adequately served in our school community.


For questions regarding Student Services, contact Heather Reilley at (920) 322-8045.