General News

Spring Break

To celebrate spring break coming up March 12th-16th, ALL SMSA students may wear jeans, sweats and appropriate Hawaiian, neon colored or spiritwear shirts. Students who have Mass may change after Mass.

Reminder, all school offices will be closed during break.

Use car signals when dropping off students

Parents, please turn on your car blinkers early when dropping children off; especially on County Road K.


Stock up on Scrip now.  The Scrip office will be closed during Spring Break (March 12-March 16).

Normal business hours will resume Monday, March 19.

Looking for a Nanny this summer? 

Alex Wilson, an experienced day care worker, private nanny, and who has worked at the children museum is excited to offer her talents as a nanny to your family!  Please feel free to call or text her at 920-375-0517.

2018-2019 Academic Calendar is now available! To view it, please click here.

Link to monthly calendars.


Link to athletic calendars.

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Position Opening

SMSA Athletic and Performing Arts Booster Clubs are seeking a volunteer to coordinate the Patron Drive.  This position involves sending out a letter to families, keeping track of donations and facilitating the thank you notes. An excellent template is in place from our former chair and this person is willing to pass along all info.

Position takes care of volunteer obligation to both booster clubs!  

Please consider and notify Jennie Holzmann, PPA ( or Jim Sutton, ABC ( if you’re interested.

System Volunteerism

School Nurse

The Fond du Lac community and many surrounding school districts have seen in increase in illnesses, including influenza. We are doing everything we can at SMSA to keep the illnesses out of the building, but need your help. If your child is sick, please keep them at home. Here are some reasons you should keep your child at home:

  • Temperature of 100 or above. When your child has had a fever, his or her temperature should be below 100 for at least 24 hours without the use of Tylenol or ibuprofen.
  • Coughing frequently or has a productive cough (is coughing up phlegm).
  • Had diarrhea or vomiting in the past 24 hours.
  • Is complaining that his/her ears or throat hurts.
  • Is very tired because of being up during the night with any of the above symptoms.
  • Has seen a doctor who prescribed an antibiotic. Generally a child should be on an antibiotic for at least 24 hours before returning to school; your doctor will give you specific instructions.
  • Is just “not feeling good” or is acting sluggish.

When you do keep your child at home please call the school attendance line (920-322-8036) early in the day to let us know the reason for illness.  If your child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease such as influenza, strep throat or pink eye please tell the office.  If your child develops signs of illness at school, you will be contacted to come and take him or her home.

Thank you for helping keep our school healthy! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at or 920-322-3206.

Community & Booster Clubs


Looking for athletic volunteer opportunities?

Sign up today!  Click here.

To view the ABC Meeting Minutes please visit here

Parent Connectors

Grandparents Day for grades K-5 – April 25th & 26th
Grandparents will be invited to school to spend some time with their grandchildren.

If you would like to show your appreciation for the SMSA Staff, come join the Parent Connector Group on a Monday morning to honor them! Please click here to sign up! We would love to have you join us!


Staff Spotlight

We appreciate our SMSA Staff!!

Our staff in the Spotlight this week:

Jasmyn Joubert: High School Theology Teacher & Campus Ministry Director

Amy Pickart: Adminstrative Assistant

Soledad Theel: High School Spanish Teacher

Judy Twohig: P3 Aide