WIS 23 Expansion Project

This week's update from the DOT

Description of work:  This portion of the WIS 23 improvement project will reconstruct and raise the profile of the existing four lane portion of WIS 23 from US 151 to Whispering Springs Boulevard and expand WIS 23 from 2 lanes to 4 lanes from Whispering Springs Boulevard to Seven Hills Road.  Interchanges will be constructed at County K and County UU, intersection improvements will also be made throughout the corridor.


August 2nd to August 6th:

The contractor will continue to work on County K and County UU.  They will also continue work on eastbound and westbound Highway 23.  Curb and gutter work will continue at the Wisconsin American RAB.


August 9th to August 13th:

The contractor will continue to work on County K and County UU.  They will also continue work on eastbound and westbound Highway 23.  There will be a landscape crew on site working on the Wisconsin American RAB.   Driveway aprons and sidewalk work will continue at CTH K North.  Work will be ongoing for the retaining wall and bridge at CTH K. 


Traffic impacts:

  • CTH UU (South of STH 23) – Closed
  • CTH UU (North of STH 23) – Closed
  • CTH K south to close at the end of the week when Wisconsin American Drive round about is open. 
  • WB shoulder closure Whispering Springs to 7 Hills Road – Closed


The following restrictions will remain in place. 

  • Northbound American Drive to westbound highway 23
  • Northbound County K to westbound highway 23
  • Northbound Mary Hill to westbound highway 23
  • Southbound Whispering Springs to eastbound highway 23
  • Northbound Northway Drive to westbound highway 23
  • Westbound highway 23 to southbound County K
  • Westbound highway 23 to southbound Mary Hill
  • Eastbound highway 23 to northbound Whispering Springs
  • Westbound highway 23 to southbound Northway Drive

Please use alternate routes to access these locations.

Construction on The Ledge

Road improvements along Highway 23 and the relocation of County Road K are well underway and proceeding as planned with an anticipated completion date just prior to the September 8th, 2021 start of school!  Currently, a new, tiered parking lot is beginning to take shape adjacent to the north campus; thereby, creating a safer environment for all those accessing the SMSA campus. The newly turfed football field and track remain in their present location; field events have been moved. 


Please note:  there will be no access to campus from HWY 23 through November, 2022; access via HWY 151 and County Road K will be the only available route.


Scrip Year End Updates

Purchase Scrip at Holy Family Parish Office

The Scrip office will continue to be located at the Holy Family Parish Office thru Thursday, September 2nd. Purchase Scrip there on Monday from 8:00 a.m – Noon or Thursday from Noon – 4:00 p.m. Our first day back on the Ledge is Tuesday, September 7th. 

Can’t make it during those times? Purchase Scrip by using the RaiseRight App. Click here for more info.

Upcoming Dates

Cognia™ Accreditation

St. Mary’s Springs Academy is proud to announce that we have earned accreditation by Cognia™, a nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools, school districts, and education service providers. This would not have been possible without all of your hard work and effort in gathering evidence and participating in interviews with the review team.


Earning accreditation from the Cognia Global Accreditation Commission means that our school system is recognized across the nation as a system that meets Cognia Standards of Quality, and maintains a commitment to continuous improvement. It demonstrates to our community our commitment to excellence, our openness to external review and feedback, and our desire to be the best we can be on behalf of the students we serve. 


An important piece of the Cognia accreditation process is the feedback we receive that guides our continuous improvement planning.  Cognia provides schools with an Index of Quality Education (IEQ) rating on a scale of 100 to 400 to provide information about how the institution is performing compared to expected criteria. St. Mary’s Springs Academy institutionally scored an IEQ of 294.50.  An IEQ of 275 or above indicates that we are beginning to reach the impact level in practices that are sustained and engrained in our culture throughout the system while still having some standards within the ‘improve level’ that should be used to inform continuous improvement and movement towards sustainability.  


The Cognia review team highlighted the following as strengths of our system:

  • The system’s commitment to the “Ledger Way” and its purpose and mission statement are shared and exemplified by multiple stakeholders:  The mission and purpose of the school are clearly and enthusiastically practiced throughout the school community.
  • The system’s focus on community and family unifies all stakeholders in support of the mission and purpose:  Continued emphasis on community and family will foster positive relationships among all stakeholders and generate a commitment to the school.
  • The system’s strategic plan and continuous improvement process include goals consistent with its mission, purpose and needs:  The commitment to long-range planning will provide direction for the institution as it meets its challenges and continues the positive educational experiences of students, as noted by parents and other stakeholders.
  • The system student services support programs assist in meeting the specialized needs of learners:  The continued focus on meeting specified student needs will help the institution meet the needs of all students and support enrollment projections.
  • The system’s strong shared leadership results in strong collaboration among and between staff:  Continued shared decision-making practices will enhance the school’s leadership development efforts and contribute to employee retention.

The Cognia review team also provided the following insights and suggestions for our continuous improvement efforts:

  • The system should work towards the consistent use of data to inform decision-making and assess program effectiveness:  The team encouraged the school’s leadership team to work with teachers to formalize the collection and use of data to enhance instructional practice and curriculum development decisions.
  • The system should work towards centralizing the oversight of curriculum and instruction:  The team encouraged the school to adopt a focused approach to curriculum and instruction, ensuring that creativity and innovation are practiced in the classroom.
  • The system should work towards developing administrator and non-instructional staff evaluation programs:  The team encouraged the system to develop and document formal supervision and evaluation processes for all staff members.  This will provide consistency in providing continuous performance improvement.
  • The system should work towards building continuity of leadership:  The team encouraged the system to include leadership success planning within the school’s continuous improvement plan.  This includes documenting practices and procedures that will ensure that those will continue in the event of a change in leadership.

St. Mary’s Springs Academy is truly blessed to continue our long tradition of providing an exemplary Catholic education and we look forward to our continuous improvement journey that is ingrained in our mission of preparing our students to meet global challenges and become leaders for tomorrow.

News and Information

Additional Information on Returning to The Ledge

  • Students will be changing into gym uniforms for gym class.  Please purchase a gym uniform shirt from Hoppers (977 N Main St.)  You may also purchase SMSA gym uniform shorts, but any black athletic shorts will be fine.
  • Students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria again.  Please plan to either have your child(ren) purchase a hot lunch or send a cold lunch with them.
  • Drinking fountains will be operational again, but only used to fill up water bottles.  Please plan to send your child(ren) to school with a water bottle.
  • SMSA will again be celebrating all-System Masses at Holy Family.  Please visit Lands’ End, click here and use school code 900157314, to purchase Mass approved attire for grades 6th – 12th.  (click here for Mass attire).
  • As a reminder, masks will remain optional and the choice of the family.  SMSA has face shields available for use, if students choose to wear them.
  • Please, click here, and scroll down to school supplies, to view the school supplies needed for your child(ren).

There will be more expanded information forthcoming.  Please continue to check the weekly eLedger for updates.

Health and Wellness

COVID-19 Hotline

For your convenience, the COVID-19 hotline number is 844-225-0147

Parents of Athletic Booster Club (ABC) and Performing Arts (PPA) Updates

ABC Update

Thank you for your support!

PPA Update

PPA Meeting Dates for the 2021/2022 School Year:

Our first PPA meeting will take place September 22, 2021. Meeting will take place at 6:00 pm in the Lauby Lounge at SMSA.  Contact Coleen Feucht at Colfeucht@gmail.com for questions