Letter from Dr. Julie Shively EdD, 6-12 Principal

January's Most Inspirational Teacher

Dear Parents and students,

The results are in! Kathy Bartel has been named January’s Most Inspirational Teacher!

Over 120 parents and students made recommendations and comments.  Ms. Bartel garnered the most specific comments about how her teaching has inspired you or your child. Some of the comments included, “She explains the work”, ” She encourages learning in a positive environment” and “She engages my child to a level I have not seen before.”
Thank you to everyone who voted. We will send out another survey in a few weeks for February’s Most Inspiring Teacher. Please vote and provide specific examples of how your chosen teacher inspired, encouraged, or instructed you or your child in February.
Letter from Kasey Smith, 6-12 Student Life Director

January Ledger Leaders

Beginning in January, I asked our 6-12 teachers  to submit students for recognition as a “Student of the Month” or what we will call our “Ledger Leaders.”  Our teachers were looking for students who continually demonstrate our core values…Faith, Learning, Leadership, Respect, Responsibility and Community.  The categories for recognition from the middle school are 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade.  The four categories for high school were determined by subject groupings: 1) English/Foreign Language, 2) Math/Science/Business, 3) Art/Music/Phy. Ed. and 4) Social Studies/Theology.  

Congratulations to the students chosen as the January 2018 Ledger Leaders!!  John Coon (6th Grade), Sydney Pitz (7th Grade), Isabelle Coon (8th Grade), Lillian Wahl (English/Foreign Language), Victoria Gaertig (Math/Science/Business), Donovan Ahern (Art/Music/Phy. Ed.), and Robert Miller (Social Studies/Theology).

I personally would like to congratulate and say THANK YOU to these students for the impact they have on the SMSA community and for the efforts they make to lead by example!


Kasey Smith

6-12 Director of Student Life

Other News

To view the Honor Roll Q2 and the Honor Roll Semester 1, please click on the below links. Great work students!

Honor Roll Q2

Honor Roll Semester 1

Student Planners
We are halfway through the year, this is the time when students begin losing their planner or their planner begins to fall apart. Please check to see if your child/children has/have a planner and if it is still usable. Students must have their planner to leave the room for any reason during instruction, to enter a room if they are late to class/school, and most importantly, to record their assignments.

If your child has lost the planner or the planner has fallen apart, replacement planners may be purchased at the North Office.

2018 Green Bay Packers Parents Clinic

More than 150 Wisconsin parents are invited to Lambeau Field for the fourth annual Green Bay Packers Parents Clinic, on Saturday, April 14, 2018. A Parents Football Safety Clinic is an interactive and educational forum designed to educate parents about how the game is being played safer and better than ever before. This year’s clinic is now open to parents of high school players as well as youth.

For more information and on the clinic and to register for the event, please click here.