No School - October 4th

Reminder, there will be no school Friday, October 4, 2019.  The Business and Scrip Offices will be open normal hours.

From the Office of Steve Kelnhofer, PreK - 8th Grade Principal

Dear Parents,


Kids are amazing people! I love how they are willing to forgive, recognize, act, and notice. They forgive without hesitation. They recognize when things are not as they should be, or if the routine is off, they ask why. They act in a genuine manner and want to help. They notice when someone has something different about them like new shoes and then they mention something. This usually makes the other person smile and feel good.


Kids are amazing, and it makes me wonder, “What would the city, the county, the state, the country, the world look like if we all used these four words mentioned above with others almost all the time? Kids are amazing, and they can teach us or help us remember the simple gifts God gives us. The unseen gifts of forgiveness, love, kindness, and to feel special and important.


God Bless,Steven Kelnhofer


Love and Logic Tip of the Week: When kids say, “Mary’s mom doesn’t make her do chores.” Wise parents smile and say, ” Well that’s really sad for Mary. Aren’t you glad I love you enough to expect more of you?”

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Upcoming Dates

Grade 2 - 5 Rotating Chapel Mass - Friday, September 27

Please join us in the Chapel of St. Mary: Our Lady of the Ledge on Friday, September 27, 2019.  Mass will begin at 8:15 a.m.


Make sure to stop at the North or South Hall office for a visitors pass.


Class lead: Mrs. Sippel, Grade 5

Classes attending: Mrs. Kuechenberg (Grade 5), Mrs. Wuest (Grade 4), Mrs. Johnson (Grade 3), Mrs. Teofilo (Grade 3) and Mrs. Garlow (Grade 2)

Grade 6 - 12 Rotating Chapel Mass - Friday, September 27

Please join us in the Chapel of St. Mary: Our Lady of the Ledge on Friday, September 27, 2019 as Grade 9 will be in attendance.  Mass will begin at 9:20 a.m.


Make sure to stop at the North or South Hall office for a visitors pass.

Slime Mr. K Donations Needed - Items Needed by October 3rd

We need your help to create our slime for our students, who participated in the summer reading program, to slime Mr. K! 


Please click here to sign up for donations  Please bring your items to our South office by Thursday, October 3, 2019. 


Thank you for your help!

5th Grade Uke Choir - applications due October 3rd

Ms. Roltgen is forming a Uke Choir open to any 5th grader who loves to sing and is interested in learning the ukulele.


Uke Choir is an exploratory group for students to learn how to play the ukulele as well as develop better singing skills. This group will perform at the 5 – 8 grade Christmas & Spring concerts, and possibly for other school assemblies.


Uke Choir will meet Mondays during lunch & recess from 12:00 – 12:45 p.m.. Students are allowed to bring their lunch to Ms. Roltgen’s room and eat it during that time. The first rehearsal is Monday, October 7th.


You do not need to own a ukulele to join. Just be aware that the ukuleles used in class must stay at school, so having one at home would be helpful (but not required).


This group will be limited to the first 25 students who turn in an application/permission slip. If more than 25 students apply for the Uke Choir, those students will be added to a waiting list. Students on the waiting list will be invited to join if an opening becomes available.


If your child is interested in joining, have them pick up an application/permission form outside Ms. Roltgen’s room. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the application e-mailed to you, send a note to Ms. Roltgen at Applications for Uke Choir need to be turned in by Thursday, October 3, 2019.

FREE Herald subscriptions for Grade 6 families - deadline October 4th

From now until Friday, October 4, 2019 the Milwaukee Catholic Herald invites all families of 6th graders in Catholic school and/or religious education to receive a FREE one-year PRINT and ONLINE subscription to the weekly newspaper.


Why 6th grade families? Because this is an informative time for the family. Parents are nurturing and guiding their children as they enter the teen years, and we want parents to have a resource that focuses on developing the same life-long values being instilled in school and the home.


In every issue of the Milwaukee Catholic Herald, we learn, grow and share our faith as a Catholic family. What better way to bring a family closer together than with a free, one-year subscription to the Catholic Herald?


Click here for more information and to sign up for this free subscription.

Fall and Spring Sacramental Preparation - Last Day to Register is October 10th

The Sacramental Preparation Program will begin with First Reconciliation at the end of September.  Before the first, and every meeting continuously throughout the year, reminders will be placed in the e-Ledger.  Please make it a priority to check the e-Ledger to ensure that you do not miss any of these important meetings.


Registration opened on July 7, 2019 and the last day to register is October 10, 2019, no late registrations will be accepted.


Please click here for more information and to register.

Before/After School Care News

Child Care Closed - October 4th

Child Care will be closed on Friday, October 4, 2019 due to no school.

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