Dear Families,


I pray all of you are healthy and well. The month of May is around us as we notice leaves growing back onto trees and flowers arising from their winter slumber. As nature shows us the way of new beginnings and growth, we remember during COVID-19 we have grown and in ways have new beginnings. We may have learned more about our families, learned more about online learning, gained a new perspective on leaning on others, or appreciating those around us. In a way teachers and parents have grown more united in the education of children. Through partnership, communication and understanding education and learning ventures forward. Thank you for being our partner.


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Monday – Friday, May 4 – 8, 2020

Our teachers, our teachers, I am so proud of them and blessed to be journeying with each of them during this time at SMSA. From the beginning of the school year through COVID-19, they continue to inspire and amaze me with the dedication to our families and students at SMSA. The teachers wear their hearts on their sleeves and grit in their work to continue learning and whatever life throws their way. Thank you for bringing your God given unique gifts and talents to SMSA and sharing them with those around you.


Parents and guardians, you get to celebrate teacher appreciation week. Thank you for supporting the learning of your child(ren) throughout the year and in a special way during COVID-19. The teachers and I can ‘t thank you enough for your part in this journey. We appreciate you and your love for being the primary educator of the gift of each child.


This week, SMSA President Stacey Akey shared a message with our parent community which included links to important high school updates pertinent to the end of school. Links to these important documents are provided below for your added access and convenience.  


Elementary School Updates (Grades PreK-8)

Elementary School End of the Year Calendar

Elementary School Grading Update

8th Grade Graduation


God Bless,

Steven Kelnhofer


Virtual Learning Guide

You will find the virtual learning guide and other COVID-19 information on our SMSA website or by clicking here.


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Love and Logic tip of the Week  

Could we replace: ” That’s a bad idea,” with “It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out, ” or “How do you think that will go?”

News and Information

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Upcoming Dates

Cancellations and Postponements

Please click here to view the current cancellations and postponements.  This list is being updated every Friday as new information is gathered.

Scholarship Opportunities

Herb Herro Scholarship - Now Accepting Applications - Due Wednesday, May 27th at Noon

The Herb Herro Scholarship is offered to current 8th grade SMSA students, who intend to continue their SMSA journey at the high school.


The scholarship is financial need based, meaning that students/families must demonstrate financial need by way of completing the TADS (tuition assistance) application, click here.  In addition, students must complete an application/essay and obtain two letters of recommendation.


This award is a four-year commitment, typically anywhere from a 1/4 scholarship to a full-scholarship, renewable each year.  Recipients are required to maintain a quarterly 3.0 grade point and complete 20 annual hours of community service to maintain their award from year to year.


Applications are confidential and managed in the SMSA Advancement and Business Offices. A special committee will read these applications, and if selected to move on to the next round, students will be called in for a formal interview with our panel. If selected to interview, due to COVID-19, information will be made available as decisions are made on how (in-person or virtually) and when (perhaps after Wednesday, July 1, 2020) these interviews will take place.


Click here to download the Herb Herro Scholarship Application.

Click here to download the Herb Herro Scholarship Recommendation Form.

Before/After School Care News

Before/After School Care is temporarily closed.

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