From the Desk of Steve Kelnhofer - Elementary School Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Holy Week began this past Sunday. Palm Sunday started our journey with Jesus as we remember his entrance into Jerusalem with many adorers. As the week progresses, we remember and get the opportunity to to participate in Holy Thursday, highlighting the Last Supper/the first Mass. The Good Friday service illuminates the passion of Our Lord. The Easter Virgil Mass on Saturday is a steers us toward the glorious morning of Easter Sunday. Throughout our Lord’s journey we can find ourselves. Entering into the events of our lives, breaking bread with friends, being a servant, sacrifice, prayer in difficult times, being judged or wrongly accused and joy at the end of a difficult journey. All of these moments we experience in our lives give us an opportunity to offer pray and live life in prayer and brig us closer in relationship with Jesus.


Forward Testing
The first week of Forward testing has begun this week for our 4th and 8th graders. Grades 3 – 8 will conclude their scheduled testing next week. Thank you for partnering with us by having students here promptly on time and prepared to test during the Forward testing days. It’s important for SMSA to collect data to support moving us forward as an learning institution.


Lost and Found
Our Lost and found has many many items. It’s time for us to do some sprig cleaning. SMSA will be emptying our lost and found area shortly after Easter. All items that are not picked up by the proper owner will be reallocated for other purposes very soon.


Thank you for your continued partnership with SMSA. It was good to see many of you at Legerfest. I love seeing our community come together to have a fun and support SMSA all at the same time. Together we create a path for tomorrow’s children to achieve amazing dreams.


God Bless,
Steven Kelnhofer
Elementary Principal, SMSA



Forward Exam Testing: 3rd-8th and 10th Grade

St. Mary’s Springs Academy is preparing for our students in 3rd – 8th grade as well as 10th grade to participate in the Wisconsin Forward Exam. The Forward Exam is designed to gauge how well students are doing in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards. These standards outline what students should know and be able to do in order to be college and career ready. The Forward Exam is a Wisconsin computer-based exam that is administered in the spring of each school year at the grade levels seen below:
Grades 3-8 in ELA (English Language Arts) and Mathematics
Grades 4 and 8 in Science and,
Grades 4,8, and 10 in Social Studies.


This year, testing at SMSA will take place during the week of Monday, March 25th as well as during the week of Monday, April 1st. The Forward Exam must be administered in person and cannot be proctored virtually. We ask for our support by having your child(ren) attend school during the testing window. For more information, please use this link to access the Wisconsin DPI Forward Information Guide for Families.



Grades 5-8 Spring Concert Information

Our 5th-8th Grade Concert will be on Monday, May 13th in Hutter gymnasium, at 6:30pm.


Students who are in BAND will report to the band room at 6:00pm and CHOIR ONLY students will report to the gym at 6:10pm.

All 7th and 8th grade BAND students should wear all black, and grades 5th and 6th grade BAND students should wear Sunday’s Best, no jeans or sweats.


All CHOIR ONLY students should wear Sunday’s Best, no jeans or sweats.


Concert times are 1:00pm and 6:30pm.
This is a graded event. All students are expected to participate.
Thank you!


Christa Lewis and Gerry Scudella



We need Volunteers for the SMSA Spring Book Fair

The Book Fair will take place in the SMSA library beginning on Friday, May 10 and will be open before and after school through Friday, May 17.

Please consider signing up, click here to view options.



Principal's Pen Award Winners!


The Principal’s Pen is an opportunity for teachers to recognize students
who consistently demonstrate The Ledger Way with a focus on faith, learning, respect for leadership, community and responsibility. The students chosen will attend a special breakfast with Mr. K and Mr. Fisher and special guest, receives a certificate with a brief sentence on how they followed The Ledger Way, and a principal’s pen.


This week’s Special Guest was Kelly Mueller-St. Mary’s Springs Academy
Athletic Administrator This week’s Principal Pen award winners are:


Vincent B. (6th) – Vincent is extremely respectful and always ready to learn. He is a leader at SMSA by always trying his best and leading by example. He is always prepared for math and science and always on time. Vincent is great at participating in class discussions and sharing his ideas. He is a very responsible student. Our SMSA community is lucky to have Vincent!
Elise K. (6th) – Elise definitely demonstrates the Ledger Way Core Values of community and leadership in the classroom. She keeps her group on task and helps them complete tasks at hand.
Kelly C. B. (6th) – Kelly is a very responsible Ledger learner. She always comes to class prepared and has her work done on time. Kelly shows awesome respect to her peers and all adults in the building. Keep up the hard work Kelly!
Addisyn P. (7th) – Addisyn learns and listens to the lesson while being willing to cooperate and offer her ideas with the class. She is very respectful and listens to students and me very willingly. She shows leadership with her outstanding cooperation. Addisyn is faithful when we pray in the classroom and shows respect. She makes the community of the classroom peaceful with her sweet personality. She is responsible and does her work on time and wants to do it well.
Drake H. (7th) – Drake is a great kid who always is putting his best effort into everything he does. He is very respectful to teachers and peers, is always engaged in his learning, and wants to strengthen his understanding of what is being taught in class. Also, he is an amazingly talented pianist and brings that gift into our chapel Masses.
Mara N. (7th) – Mara is always willing to participate in our masses through her volunteerism to read parts. She doesn’t hesitate to lead prayer or help out with various jobs in the classroom. Mara’s actions demonstrate the Core Values of faith, leadership and responsibility.
Bailey S. (8th) – Bailey shows the Core Values of respect and responsibility by always addressing adults in a respectful manner and being proactive in checking if she has any missing work.
Antoinette Y. (8th) – Netta is very respectful and she works very hard at doing the right thing which proves how responsible she is. She is a true joy to have in class.
Tyler K. (8th) – Tyler truly lives by the Ledger Way Core Values, showing genuine respect for teachers and classmates alike. He brings our Catholic faith to life in a way that’s inspiring for our younger students, setting a great example for them to follow.




Refer-A-Family Program

Did you know? You can Refer-A-Family and receive tuition credit!


Click Here to Learn More!




2024-2025 Key Academic Calendar Dates

Click here to view key dates for the 2024-2025 Academic School Year, including SMSA’s start date, Christmas break, spring break and graduation dates.


Reminder that you can view this information, along with handbooks, dress code and uniform criteria and other important resources on our website year round by clicking here.



News and Information

Fondy Tennis

Fondy Spring Tennis is right around the corner. Registration forms can be found on the website. Spread the word and see you on the courts soon!


Fondy Tennis Lessons & Registration Form – Spring 2024



WI Parental Choice Program Opens February 1, 2024

The WI Parental Choice Program (WPCP) online application period will open February 1, 2024 and will close on Thursday April 18, 2024.


The DPI requires current Choice families to fill out the application for the 2024-2025 school year. Filling out the application for next school year (2024-2025) informs the DPI that you want to receive your Choice voucher for 2024-2025. If the DPI does not receive an application from a current Choice family the DPI assumes that you do not want the voucher for the next school year and your voucher will not be renewed.


New and current families must electronically submit their application here.


Current Choice families are not required to provide income documentation.


NEW families, applying for a school voucher, must be income eligible to apply. The following income limits have been posted for 2024-2025:
Family Size Maximum Yearly Income*
1 $32,076
2 $43,384
3 $54,692
4 $66,000
5 $77,308
6 $88,616
For each additional member in a family add $11,308.


Family income includes the income of the student’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) that reside in the same household as the student.
Current Choice families are not required to provide income documentation. Proof of residency documents are required for current and new families.


WI Parental Choice Program information is available on our SMSA website by going to the Enroll tab at the top.


Questions about WI Parental Choice Program (WPCP) can be directed to:
Carol Ellestad
SMSA Choice Designee or (920) 322-8002



Parents of Performing Arts


Graduating Senior PPA scholarship application


Join us on the third Wednesday of each month in Lauby Lounge for the PPA meeting. All parents who have children in Middle School or High School are encouraged to attend.


Watch for an email to sign up to volunteer to help make the musical a success! Many hands make light work!


Meeting dates:
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Tuesday, May 14, 2024 Note the change in usual day


All meetings will be held at 6 pm in the Lauby Lounge (first floor teacher lounge). Contact Anne Brunette ( with any questions about the PPA!




Lost & Found

With cold weather here, please remind your child(ren) to stop by the lost and found if they are missing a glove, hat, boot or even their jacket. The lost and found has been a very popular spot this year.







Upcoming Dates

March 26th – April 5th – Forward testing for Grades 3 – 8
March 29th – No school for Good Friday
April 1st – No School for Easter Monday



Before/After School Care News

Change in E-mail address for Child Care -before/afterschool care- Extended Care

Registration for SMSA’s Extended Care Program can be done online through your Skyward Family Access account.


This is the new email Please use this email moving forward.

Thank you




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