Dear Parents and Guardians,


The first few days of school have been filled with joy and excitement. It’s such a blessing to have students back on the Ledge to grow in faith and academics. Thank you for your partnership as we learn this new path in education, together. Below you will find a few items we continue to unpack as we learn about our new normal. We’ll offer grace between us, as together we unite to prepare the youth to be global leaders of tomorrow and inspire them to live a purposed filled life.


Recess and Mask Breaks:

Masks are required when social distancing can not be maintained. When students are outside they may take off their masks, as they run and play, due to not maintaining contact with someone for 15 minutes or longer. Students congregating for a prolonged time will be reminded they need to put their masks on. We will continue to encourage mask breaks when the students are outside and they can social distance as they run and play.

Creating individual classroom playground equipment is underway. Each cohort will hand sanitize before and after recess to mitigate risk.


Learning if you have a sick child:

If your child is not feeling well please keep them at home and call the attendance hotline. Your child may participate in asynchronous learning for the day if they feel up to the task. They will not participate in synchronous learning for the day.


If your child has been sent home by SMSA because of a COVID-19 response protocol, the child is recommended to participate in synchronous learning.


A family vacation would be an asynchronous learning opportunity if learning is on your mind during vacation.


Traffic Flow:

It appears that traffic is beginning to have more of a flow. The morning drop off is going outstanding from my observations. After school is a little more congested. If you are picking up a sixth thru eighth grade student you may park in the north lot and have your child walk the path to meet you. You may park in the south teacher parking lot until traffic clears from the 3:00 p.m. pick up time and come up to the top parking lot at 3:15 p.m.. 


Thank you for your understanding support.


Elementary School Online Learning Information

As we prepared for our “Return to the Ledge” this school year, our priority was to provide a safe environment for all of our families and students. This year we have the amazing opportunity for families to choose between face to face or online learning in order to best meet each family’s individual needs. Flexibility has also been provided in order to allow the opportunity to move between delivery formats during the first two weeks of school and on a quarterly basis, thereafter, upon request.


As part of our commitment to supporting our families, our new assistant elementary school principal, Melissa Trepte, will serve as a liaison between families that have students in P3 through 8th grade utilizing online learning at our school. All questions, concerns and requests regarding online learning should be directed to her. Her contact information is:


Melissa Trepte



If you are interested in learning more about our online learning option, please review the Elementary School Expectations for Virtual Learners 2020-21. The Expectations for Virtual Learners document provides a wealth of information on what you can expect at different grade levels for your child. In particular, it highlights what classes will be synchronous and asynchronous at the different grade levels as well as what teachers will be doing in the areas of communication, planning, feedback and interaction with you and your child on a weekly basis.

COVID-19 Update

At the end of the first week of school, we can all celebrate the good news that there are not any positive cases of COVID-19 presently in our SMSA community!  That includes elementary and high school students as well as faculty and staff.  In the week ahead we will be sharing more information about when and where families can regularly locate updates about pandemic data and developments both on the Ledge and in the wider community.  We continue to be guided in this matter by the Fond du Lac County Health Department, and by the questions of our own families. SMSA shall continue to evolve appropriate processes of communication as we come to understand our responsibilities, parameters and best practices in this historic public health matter.  At this time, we thank all of our families who have supported the health and safety protocols that have allowed us to “Return to the Ledge!”  We urge our families to keep up the good work, and we look forward to continuing celebrating good news this fall at the Springs!

News and Information

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Scholarship Opportunities

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Before/After School Care News

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Parent Connectors - Join us Today

Are you looking to become more involved at school? Our Parent Connectors Group is a wonderful way to be a part of various family events during the school year as well as assist with items for our amazing SMSA Staff!


Please click here to print out your volunteer form. Fill out this form and return it to school by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th! Please only ONE form per family. Although this school year will look different due to the current pandemic, the plan is to be able to still show our appreciation for our staff and host safe events. Watch for updates in the eLedger.

If you have any questions, please contact either Andrea Nuss, or Katie Mathos,