Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

One could say the season of Lent has settled upon us and grows into us, or you could say the season of Lent can begin within us and grow out of us. From which lens will you view Lent?  It’s an important decision because how you treat Lent is how your child/children will learn to travel their Lenten journey.  

SMSA is traveling the road of Lent by letting it grow within us and spreading our journey to others. Hoping it may foster prayer, almsgiving, and fasting as we journey towards Easter.  Together, we will have strength as one.  We would like you to caravan with us these next 40 days.  What can we teach our youth about fasting from not only food, but other vices we may encounter in our everyday life.  How can you give alms without giving any money at all?  Can we give to others with our thoughts, hearts and hands?  How can we pray and strengthen our relationship with our Lord and God?  Can we not only pray “asking prayers”, but thanksgiving, praising and confessing prayers as well?   
Looking at Lent through this lens and taking this road will lead us to Easter joy.  What a wonderful outcome!  


Hope to see you one the road,
Mr. Kelnhofer

Upcoming Events/News

Attention parents:

Please make sure that your child/children are waiting for you at pick up either on the sidewalk or inside the building.  We have had several students climbing on snow hills and playing in areas that are unsafe after school is released.  We appreciate your help in instructing your child/children to make safe choices.

Book Swap

Does your child have a pile of already read books sitting in their room? Do you wish you had the opportunity to exchange them for more exciting reading materials!? Then, the Book Swap is for you!


On February 26th – 28th, students may bring in any “gently used” paperback books to their classroom teacher for donation. The maximum number of books a student may exchange is 3. If you choose to bring in more than 3, that’s ok!  The leftover books will be donated to the classroom library and St. Vincent de Paul.  We will not be able to accept books after Wednesday, February 28th.

Then, on Thursday, March 1st, students may come to the multipurpose room and select any “gently used” books of their choice based on the number of books they donated.


Book Criteria:
Please make choices carefully before bringing in books. Books will only be accepted under the following guidelines:
Books must be appropriate for grades K-5 only!
Books must be in gently used condition: cover on, no rips, tears, or bent edges.
Books with coloring or writing in them will not be accepted.
Coloring books, activity books, and sticker books will not be accepted.
Please note that the selection of books available will be based on books donated. If you’d like to volunteer with the Book Swap please click this link below:

Thank You!

Before/After School Care News

No news this week.