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Tuition & Registration

Tuition & Registration

St. Mary's Springs Academy

Tuitions Rates and Fees 2015-2016

Registration Fees and Open Enrollment 

Open enrollment begins in February. Registration fees are non-refundable. Fees are $100 for K5-12 students and $50 for K4 and preschool students. (Max $300 per family) Due to increased enrollment, families are encouraged to apply early and register at the beginning of the Open Enrollment period to best ensure your child's seat. Some classes are filling up. Please contact Blaine Hechimovich, Enrollment and Communication Coordinator, at (920) 322-8008 for more information. 

Please contact Barbara Loehr, VP-Business Operations at 920-322-8078 or via email at with any questions or concerns regarding fees and/or tuition.

Tuition Rates

Tuition and fees are assessed prior to the beginning of the school year.  Tuition for SMSA Seniors must be paid in full in order for the student to participate in graduation. For billing and refund purposes, the school year is divided into quarters.

The tuition rates listed below are for all wishing to enroll at SMSA.

Tuition Payment Plans

A tuition statement will be mailed to you in June for payment. Each family is responsible for making arrangements to either pay in full or to enroll in one of the following payment plans. If a responsible party defaults on the selected payment plan, a 1% fee will be added each month on the unpaid balance. It is also the policy of St. Mary's Springs Academy (SMSA) that failure to sign a payment plan by the start of the school year will cancel registration for that school year.

Pay in Full - Cash

To pay in full upfront with cash or check, the tuition balance is due in full by July 15, for all families receiving a tuition invoice (mailed early June).  Anyone registering after July 15 will have 30 days from the processing of the registration form to pay in full or begin a payment plan.  (Please note that enrollment is based on a first-come first-serve basis and grade caps might restrict late enrollments)

Pay in Full  - Credit Card

​​To pay in full upfront with a credit card, the tuition balance is due in full by July 15. A processing fee of 3% will be added to the payment amount to cover the credit card transaction cost to the school.

SMSA Payment Plan

Families must pay 25% of the outstanding balance by July 15.  A payment plan maintenance fee of  5.5% is added to the remaining balance. SMSA uses an Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct withdrawal payment plan and families arrange for monthly payments to be made via direct checking or savings account withdrawals. Withdrawals begin August 15th and continue through March 15th.

Enroll in Loan Program at National Exchange Bank

Families can elect to take out a loan in order to pay tuition and fee charges. Loan papers are processed at National Exchange Bank. Payments begin August 1 and continue through May 1.

St. Mary's Springs Academy Fees 2015-2016


Activity Fee

SMSA uses a streamlined approach that covers all of the activities, events, and miscellaneous costs any particular family would encounter, throughout a year, that were independent, extra charges or fees (ex. Field Trips, Retreats, Clubs, etc).  *There may be a few (very minimal) activities/events/costs that still may be charged extra if/when they occur, as these things were outside the scope of the committee's ability to properly incorporate into this structure.

Performing Arts Fee

The Performing Arts Fee will be charged only to the participant of a performing arts activity (Band, Choir, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Band, Solo/Ensemble, Cast members of Plays and Musicals).  Please note that the charge will be a single fee that covers the student whether they paricipate in one OR multiple performing arts activites.  The Performing Arts Fee must be paid prior to participating in the first activity and would begin as a fee structure at 5th grade.

Athletics Fee

All athletes will be required to pay an athletic fee prior to beginning participation in any particular sport.  Three-sport athletes will receive a discount on their third sport's athletic fee.  These fees are applied toward operating expenses, consumables, transportation, etc.  *An extra fee may be charged for consumables that would be the sole possession of the particular athlete, i.e. personalized shirts, bags, etc.


*The Performing Arts Fee will apply to students in choir and band programs even if they do not participate in Theatre Arts.