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PK-5 Campus

PK-5 Campus

Preschool (3yr) - Grade 5 Campus

WELCOME to the website for the Preschool - Grade 5 campus of St. Mary's Springs Academy. We offer everything for your young child, including before and after school childcare, preschool for ages three and four, four year old half day kindergarten, an all-day 5 year old kindergarten classes, and elementary school curriculum. New this year is our summer childcare program. We are blessed with wonderful, caring faculty and staff who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the youngest members of our school system have a safe, nurturing environment following Christ's example. Please take a few moments to check out our website and then call us for an informal visit - we'd love to meet you and tell you more!

Morning Routine

(PreK-5) 7:40a first bell/7:50a start (7:30a supervised drop off begins)

All parents with children PreK-5 will use the SOUTH (GREEN) lot.  Ages K - 5 will stage behind the building on the playground pavement with supervision beginning at 7:30a .

Use the “Hug N’ Go” zones around the perimeter of the parking lot (sidewalks line the entire drop zone), only using parking stalls if you intend to walk your child into school.

3k and 4k parents/guardians are required to walk students to their rooms, waiting in the hallway until the first bell rings.

Older siblings (grades 6-12) may be dropped off at this lot, but will be asked to use the footpath along the front edge of the building, entering the North Hall entrance, and stage in the cafeteria until 7:50a, when they can move to their hallway/locker. 

Afternoon Routine

(K-5) 2:55p end bell

Families, whose youngest child(ren) is in grades K-3rd, will be assigned to the South (GREEN) lot for pick up. If you are picking up children who are older (grades 6-12) they will walk through the grade school and exit through the South Entrance, meeting  you IN THIS LOT!

Families, whose youngest child(ren) is in 4th-5th grade will be assigned to the North (ORANGE) lot for pick up. If you are picking up children who are older (grades 6-12) they will exit through the North Hall/6-12 Entrance and meet you IN THIS LOT!

Serving: Preschool - Grade 5
Located at: 255 County Road K
Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Phone: 920-921-5300
Fax: 920-921-5908