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This is the Capability I would like with every Content Editor.

The ability to change Fonts and Sizes

You can even color the letters and highlight. 

It seems like this is exactly like the content editor but perhaps doesn't have the same capability

unless I should just be using this?

Also, am I able to choose what fonts I would like in this set?

St. Mary's Springs Academy, encourages students to find their creative voice. Students have the opportunity to work in several mediums, such as clay, painting, metals, drawing, screen printing and more.



For more information on Art from our teachers, visit them here:

Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
  Brusky, Stephanie PE Teacher - Art Email 920-921-5300 Web site
  Reiher, Patricia HS Teacher - Art Email 920-921-4870 Ext: 8029 Web site
  Schneider, Christopher EM Teacher - Art Email 920-921-9610 Web site