The CDC has issued the following travel guidance related to COVID-19:
China – Avoid nonessential travel
South Korea – Avoid nonessential travel
Japan – Practice enhanced precautions
Iran – Practice enhanced precautions
Italy – Practice enhanced precautions
Hong Kong – Practice usual cautions


Other destinations with risk of community spread currently include: Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


The CDC also recommends travelers reconsider cruise ship travel into or within Asia.


Visit to view the CDC’s website for up-to-date information and travel guidance.


Those who have traveled to the countries listed above, as well as other countries that may be added to the CDC travel guidance, could be required by SMSA to self-quarantine prior to returning to campus. In the event this occurs, the information gathered through the Travel Reporting Form will help SMSA to work with individual families and/or employees to plan accordingly.


If you feel you have been in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19, please call 1-844-225-0147 to talk with the Fond du Lac Health Department.