PK-5 Grade Levels


Morning Routine


(PreK-5) 7:45a first bell/7:55a start (7:30a supervised drop off begins)

All parents with children PreK-5 will use the SOUTH (GREEN) lot.  Ages K – 5 will stage behind the building on the playground pavement with supervision beginning at 7:30am.


Use the “Hug N’ Go” zones around the perimeter of the parking lot (sidewalks line the entire drop zone), only using parking stalls if you intend to walk your child into school.


3k and 4k parents/guardians are required to walk students to their rooms, waiting in the hallway until the first bell rings.


Older siblings (grades 6-12) may be dropped off at this lot, but will be asked to use the footpath along the front edge of the building, entering the North Hall entrance.

Afternoon Routine


Preschool (3K and K4) 11:15am end bell

Students in both 3 year-old preschool and 4 year-old kindergarten, who are not going on to afternoon Enrichment, are released at 11:15a. Students will be walked down to South Hall lobby and brought outside to meet parents.


Enrichment (3K and 4K) 11:15a start time – 2:55 end bell 

Students who are going on to Enrichment in the afternoon, will be breaking for lunch, and starting back up with classes around 11:45a.


(K-5) 3:00p end bell

Families, whose youngest child(ren) is in grades K-5th, will be assigned to the South (GREEN) lot for pick up. If you are picking up children who are older (grades 6-12) they will walk through the grade school and exit through the South Entrance, meeting  you IN THIS LOT!



6-12 Grade Levels

Morning Routine


(6-8) 7:45am first bell/7:55am start (7:30 supervised drop off begins in cafeteria)

(9-12) 7:55am first bell/8:00am start 

All parents with children in grades 6-12 will use the North (ORANGE) lot.

Students may wait in the cafeteria if dropped off early, with supervision beginning at 7:30am, and may move to their hallway/locker at 7:50am


Afternoon Routine


(6-8) 3:00p end bell 
(9-12) 3:15p end bell 

Families whose youngest child(ren) is in 6th-8th grade will be assigned to the North (ORANGE) lot for pick up.


Families whose youngest child(ren) is in 9th-12th grade will be assigned the North (ORANGE) lot for pick up. High school student drivers are asked exit the south end of the parking lot ONLY!