Chris McGalloway ’90

Life is full of decisions.  One of the best professional decisions I made was to accept the Middle School Theology position at St. Mary’s Springs Academy.  Having taught 18 years in the public system, it has always been a goal to eventually get into a Catholic school.  I loved my position in the public school, but there was always something missing.  St. Mary’s Springs provides that missing piece of the puzzle.

Springs is different from other private schools.  They have a long legacy of creating greatness in academics, sports, faith, and the arts.  My goal as a Theology teacher is continue this tradition by helping to develop students with an incredible faith and a strong moral compass.  By the time the students leave my class, it is my hope they are on fire with the faith and in turn bring this fire home to the rest of their family.  This is what keeps me excited about coming to school each day.