Chris Gilles ’83

I feel blessed to have ties to St. Mary’s Springs Academy as an alumna, current parent and staff member.  My parents sent me to SMSA many years ago.  At the time I did not understand that this was a privilege, and to be honest, I took my years at SMSA for granted.  Now being a graduate, parent and staff member, I look at “The Springs” (as we called it in my day), through a much different lens and truly appreciate the education and experiences at SMSA that impacted my life then, and still do today.


As a staff member I am thankful to work every day in a nurturing community of faith.  I love being in an environment where everyone is united in a common goal working towards our “Strength as One.”


As a parent, I am thankful that my son is receiving a faith-based education from committed, caring teachers who daily go above and beyond.


As an alumna I am proud to wear the Ledger blue and white and express my loyalty to my alma mater.  St. Mary’s Springs Academy has positively impacted my life in so many ways.  I am proud to be a Ledger…still!