Principal’s Pen Recipients

Week of October 3rd, 2022  

The Principal’s Pen is an opportunity for teachers to recognize students who consistently demonstrate The Ledger Way with a focus on faith, learning, respect for leadership, community and responsibility. The students chosen will attend a special breakfast with Mr. K. and Mr. Fisher, receive a certificate with a brief sentence on how they followed The Ledger Way, and a principal’s pen.


This week’s Principal Pen award winners are:


Evelyn M (4K) – She comes in every day with a smile! She shows leadership by being a good role model to her friends. She is a great helper and friend to all! We love having her part of our classroom Community.


Makena M.- B. (4K) – She is a joy to have in class! She is a great listener, kind friend, and a hard worker!


Matilda B. (5K) – She is a kind and loving, always respectful and willing to help others.


Matthew F. (5K) – For being kind to everyone. Always respectful and a great role model. His positivity and smile are contagious!


Eleanor R.(5K) – For Being a respectful leader at all times. She loves to learn, always does her best, and a kind friend to everyone!


Janie B (1st Grade) – She demonstrates the core value of respect by keeping a positive attitude towards her teacher and classmates. She is wonderful role model and always strives for the best in herself and also in others around her!


Kensington L (1st Grade) – She is always finding ways to be a leader and to help others around her!


Lily B. (1st Grade) – She is respectful to teachers and her peers. She loves to learn and is responsible by being ready for class.


Cerena G (2nd Grade) – She is a great buddy to our new student and helped her adjust to her new school and bus routines.


Carson G (2nd Grade) – Has leadership qualities, is very responsible, works hard academically. He always has a positive mindset.

Eli R. (2nd Grade) – He lives the Ledger way every day! He is a great leader love to challenge himself and he is kind and helpful to his classmates!