Mission Statement:
The Grandparents Club of St. Mary’s Springs Academy provides support and services to further the Mission of the Academy as a Catholic educational system. Grandparents serve as an additional support system in academic, spiritual, social and personal growth and development by involvement in the daily lives of children who attend St. Mary’s Springs Academy.


The Grandparents Club, established in 2014, provides an opportunity for grandparents (or honorary grandparents), near or far, to be connected to SMSA school life. Grandparents can provide support by contributing their time, talents, and resources to benefit the children attending SMSA. Opportunities are available to help with events, in the classrooms or campuses, special projects and programs. We welcome all grandparents to stay informed and be involved as much as possible.




  • PTO Liaison: Facilitate the communication between the parents’ clubs to support their goals and activities.
  • Welcome Back Spaghetti Dinner: Coordinate the Fall welcome back dinner to encourage SMSA families to share an evening of fellowships while enjoying a casual dinner.
  • SMSA Events/Activities: Communicate with the Development staff to support athletics, arts, classroom and fundraising activities.
  • Membership: Recruit members, maintain membership rosters and provide other committees and staff with grandparent contact information to support activities and events.
  • Communications and PR: Promote the Grandparents Club and SMSA by keeping grandparents and the SMSA community informed through periodic communications of news and events.


For more information about how YOU too can be involved, please contact Grandparents Club President, Elaine Rebek at elainerebek@gmail.com.