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New! COVID-19 "Planning Page" on Website.

Our families spoke and we listened! In an effort to keep all COVID-19 related resources in one place, we have created a special page on our SMSA website. “Life on the Ledge COVID-19 Planning for 2020-2021” can be found on our home page by scrolling down about halfway, under the header “Ledger Happenings.” The top left box, in green, is a link to this page. For your convenience, this page can also be found by typing in (lotl = Life othe Ledge), or by visiting the eLedger and clicking on the link under the “featured” tab. We hope you find this web page helpful! The pandemic is a fluid situation, so as information changes, we will regularly update this page and encourage you to check back for updates.
In a System communication sent last week Friday, we mentioned that we will not be communicating each time a positive case is identified on the Ledge. We will only communicate to those with direct exposure. However, we made note that you should expect a weekly dashboard update containing information pertinent to the pandemic in our Springs community. A link to that dashboard is now housed on the “Life on the Ledge COVID-19 Planning 2020-2021” page and will be updated each week in conjunction with the release of the weekly eLedger.
If there is something else that would be helpful to have housed on this page, let us know, we are all ears! Contact Chelsea McKay, Marketing Coordinator, at

Extension of the COVID-19 Federally Funded Relief Package “Seamless Summer Lunch Program” for Kindergarten - 12th Grade

St. Mary’s Springs Academy is excited to announce our students (on the Ledge and Virtual) will take part in the USDA’s extension of the Summer Lunch Program.  This Federally Funded Program provides each student a Full Lunch at no charge!  The program will go into effect tomorrow, Friday, September 18, 2020 on the Ledge, and will expire Thursday, December 31, 2020 or until federal funds are no longer available.  If your child(ren) has taken a hot lunch since August 26, 2020, your school account will be credited the total amount spent for a Full Lunch.


This Federally Funded Program is an “all in” support, meaning every single student will be granted a Full Lunch at no charge.  If you prayerfully choose to still “pay” for a lunch, donations are welcome in lieu of a Full Meal charge.  Contact Kristin Zitlow at or 920-322-8006.


Please Note:

  • The free lunch covers a Full Lunch.  Any food purchased beyond the Full Lunch will be charged as normal. ie: student adds another slice of pizza to their Full Lunch, student will be charged for extra slice of pizza at the normal rate.
    • Highschool (9-12): one main entreé, milk and up to four sides (fruit and/or vegetables)
    • Elementary (K-8) one main entreé, milk and up to three sides (fruit and/or vegetables) 
  • The free lunch is available to all students in grades K – 12th whether they are learning on the Ledge in person or virtual (see below for information on virtual lunch pick up).
  • Students will still go through the Point of Sale as normal when getting their hot lunch.


Questions?  Please contact Mary Karrmann at


Food Service for Virtually Learning Students

Food service is available to families who are educating virtually at this time. Families can submit requests by clicking here.


Please submit your selection no later than Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. so we can process the meals for pickup. On Monday afternoon, between 3:30 to 4:00 p.m. after the buses have left the loading zone, you may drive up to the loading zone/dock area next to Baker Gym and call food service at 920-322-8075 to let them know who you are picking up meals for and they will deliver the meals to the vehicle. You can reach out to Mary Karrmann at or 920 322-8075 if you have any questions or need to arrange a different pickup time.


Caution Food Safety:

Because of perishable items, please make sure your meals are either consumed or refrigerated soon after pick-up.

2020 Soles for Catholic Education Walk!

Catholic school students, parents, teachers, alumni and friends from across the archdiocese will lace up their shoes to participate on Saturday, October 17th, for the 2020 Virtual Soles for Catholic Education Walk.  


Donations made to our team stay right here at SMSA to help us reach our school’s fundraising goal of $5,000.  The impact of your donation will do even more to help our school. Generous Soles Walk sponsors have stepped up to match donations SMSA receives up to $5,000.  


Donate today by texting Soles83 to 71777, or visit and type in St.  Mary’s Springs Academy. Contact Kristin Zitlow at 920-322-8006 or to donate with cash or check.


Thank you for supporting Catholic education.

Amazon Smile, Sign up Today!

Pretty much everyone here uses Amazon, correct? If you do not already have a charity benefiting from your purchases, please sign up (it is free) to have St. Mary’s Springs Academy as your beneficiary. You just sign into, then sign in with your already existing user name and password. Choose St. Mary’s Springs Academy (make sure it is just SMSA, not the foundation) and happy shopping! We receive a donation every time you purchase something on Amazon. Much like Scrip it does not cost you anything above what you were already going to spend. Win, win for everyone!

Lands’ End 40% off School Uniforms

Visit Lands’ End by clicking here before Wednesday, September 23, 2020 for 40% off your uniform purchase!


SMSA school code:900157314

PIN: 3615


Nurse News

COVID-19 Hotline

For your convenience, the COVID-19 hotline number is 844-225-0147


2020 Return to School Flow Chart – FdL Health Department

To view the Fond du Lac County Public Health Department’s Return to School Flow Chart, please click here.


National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Videos

For up to date educational videos on hygiene, please click here to visit the NASN website.


Scrip Hours

Scrip Hours

Scrip Office will be open Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. – Noon, Tuesday and Thursday from Noon – 4:00 p.m.  The Scrip Office will be closed on Fridays.


Can’t make it to the Scrip office during those times? Sign up for the new mobile app, RaiseRight.  Link your account and add Scrip to your mobile wallet. Shop, save and support SMSA on the go.  Click here for information on the app!

From the Office of Kollin Petrie - Campus Ministry Director

SMSA Community Prayer Requests

Do you have any prayer requests you would like us to add to our daily prayers for our Ledger families and community?


Please click here to add as many as you’d like…as often as you’d like. We will pray them all!

(Requests will remain anonymous)

Parents of Athletic Booster Club (ABC) and Performing Arts (PPA) Updates

ABC Update

Virtual Meeting – September 23rd

There will be a virtual PPA meeting held on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.  Please contact Keri Twohig at for information on the meeting.

PPA Update

Thank you for your support!