High School



  • Freshmen students interested in running for class office must turn in nomination papers today.
  • Yearbook orders are due by December 1st. Please place orders before the deadline.
  • Student Council will be collecting supplies to make pies for Loaves and Fishes Thanksgiving dinner from Wednesday October 30 through November 8th. Each class will be in charge of collecting different ingredients for the pies–Freshman cherry pie filling, Sophomores apple pie filling, Junior blueberry pie filling, Senior frozen deep crust shells, and faculty and staff refrigerator pie crusts. Student council will be making the pies after school on Monday November 25th. Please consider bringing in your classes ingredients to make someone Thanksgiving extra special. 
  • The Ledger Hockey team is in need of 2-3 student team managers. Ideally, this would include a cross representation of both male and female students who are juniors or seniors. Responsibilities include:
    Skate sharpening, Filming games, Setting up Chuck a Puck, Assisting with Special events (grade school game, senior game, etc)
    Student team managers are asked to attend all games and team events (such as team meals) and approximately 1-2 practices a week.
    If you have questions, please contact hockey seniors Cade Sabel, Nolan McDermott or Mitchell Huettl, Coach John Welsch, or Mr. David Beres.   Please apply by November 6th.  
  • The National Honor Society is sponsoring No-Shave November. High School boys can sign up Friday November 1 or Monday November 4 during both lunch hours. You can go the whole month without having to be clean-shaven for only $5. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the month for best beard and worst beard.
  • Clarifying student dress expectations for 2019-20 as we get to the cold weather months.  Administration is working with our Maintenance staff to raise the temperature in the classrooms to a consistent level.
    • Our dress code/uniform policy has not changed from last year.
    • Today, October 31st is the last day that shorts may be worn.
    • Students are expected to be in school uniform from 7:50 am until 3:15 pm.
    • Crew neck and hooded sweatshirts, hats, jackets and other outerwear are not permitted to be worn during the school day.
    • Cold weather clothing includes: the Land’s End SMSA crewneck pullover sweater, v-neck pullover sweater, the button-down cardigan, ½ zip fleece, the full zip fleece vest, or the Hoppers SMSA full zip fleece.
      • Shirts that may be worn under the fleece vest include: the SMSA polo or Oxford shirt as well as solid colored shirts that are white, blue, black or gray.  A solid colored shirt must be free of print on the sleeves. The vest must be zipped high enough to cover all print on the undershirt.
      • Sweatshirts and sweaters may not be worn under the vest.
    • Pants that have an athletic/sport fit and are made of nylon fabric, examples being golf pants or Lululemon name brand pants are not permitted.


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