High School



  • Salvation Army is hosting a virtual red kettle bell ringing campaign. If you or your family is able to donate please go to the Salvation Army website under Spring’s account.
  • December 22nd will be a Crazy Christmas Jeans and Sweats Day sponsored by Student Council. Wear your crazy, school appropriate, Christmas themed attire – head to toes.  There is no cost to participate.
  • Friday December 18th will be the start of Senior privilege – Casual Fridays. On Fridays Seniors will be allowed to wear their Senior sweats or jeans and SMSA spirit wear or college spirit wear. Jean skirts and hats are not be allowed.  If not participating, you must wear your everyday SMSA school uniform is also permitted.
  •  As students of St. Mary’s Springs Academy you are permitted to carry your cell phone all day long, and use them if needed at appropriate times.  Cell phone use is permitted during passing time and during the homeroom/lunch period.  During class periods all cell phones must be put away and out of sight.  During classes, students may only use their phones if permitted or directed to do so for educational purposes by the classroom teacher.  Students do not have a “right” to use their cell phones during instructional time.  If there is an extenuating circumstance and you, as a student, feel you need to use your phone, please ask your teacher for permission prior to using your phone.  Students are  also reminded that state law prohibits the use of cell phones and other image recording devices  in locker rooms and restrooms, except in emergency situations.


Counseling Updates