High School


  • Thursday will be a Student Council jeans/sweats fundraiser for Valentines day.  Wear school appropriate red, pink, purple or other Valentine’s day themed top with jeans for $3 or sweats for $5.
  • 1-Scheduling course requests for juniors ends this Saturday.  If you have not scheduled your 10-minute appointment with Mr. Mahaffey, please do so now using the link provided.
    Please make sure you have 8 periods of a school day covered by your requests for classes.  Remember you must have 3 alternate courses listed on your paper copy of the Schedule Request Worksheet.  If two of your classes meet at the same time during the school day, then you will only be able to have one of those classes.  We will look at your list of alternate choices for a different class that will fit your schedule. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Mahaffey.



Counseling Updates