From the Office of Eamonn O'Keeffe: High School Principal


Next week will be quite lively on the Ledge. From September 18-23 the High School is celebrating Homecoming Spirit Week, to include alternative dress days, special assemblies, a pep rally, and high school Mass in Hutter Gym to conclude the school week! On Saturday, September 23rd, all are welcome to attend the Homecoming Football Game at Fruth Field where the Ledgers will take on Campbellsport beginning at 1pm. Later, the Homecoming Dance with the theme of “Old Hollywood” will be hosted in Baker Gym from 7:30-10:30 pm. Tickets to the dance are being sold for $12 ($15 at the door) throughout Homecoming Spirit Week. Here are the approved ‘theme days” for Homecoming Spirit Week:


Monday, September 18 – REGULAR SCHEDULE (A-Day) – Attire: Pajama Day / Meet the Need: Paper or Ziploc sandwich bags
Tuesday September 19 – SPECIAL SCHEDULE – PM Assembly “PowerBuff Volleyball” (B-Day) – Attire: USA (political wear prohibited) / Meet the Need: Peanut Butter
Wednesday, September 20 – SPECIAL SCHEDULE – PM Assembly “PowderPuff Football” (A-Day) – Attire: Hawaiian Beach (swimwear prohibited) / Meet the Need: Jelly
Thursday, September 21 – SPECIAL SCHEDULE – PM Pep Rally (B-Day) – Attire: Spirit Wear / Meet the Need: Bottled Water
Friday, September 22 – SPECIAL SCHEDULE – AM Mass in Hutter Gym (A-Day) – Attire: Class Theme / Meet the Need: Packaged snacks


Dance Standards – It Takes a Village!


Because these activities are sponsored by St. Mary’s Springs Academy, behavior policies and handbook expectations are in effect. Specific dance rules include:
Students leaving the event before its completion are not allowed to return. The students parents will be contacted to alert them of their students desire to leave.

No fluids or food is allowed to be brought into the event.


The school NO SMOKING/NO VAPING policy is to be observed. Students violating this policy are to be removed from the event.


Alcoholic beverages or other mood-altering substances are strictly prohibited and not permitted anywhere on the school campus (including parking lots and fields).


Students who arrive at an event under the influence of mood-altering substances are to be referred immediately to the Assistant Principal and parents/guardians are to be called to pick up the student. Established drug/alcohol violation policy is to be followed. If parents/guardians cannot be reached, law enforcement officials are called to pick up the student.


Attire may be appropriate for the theme of the dance/special event and always aligned with the values of SMSA. Specific outfit expectations may be provided to the students prior to the dance/event. Modesty in keeping with Catholic principles is expected.


Students are to remain in the gym or cafeteria and lobby area only.


Students attending any school dance agree to conform their dancing to school policy. All dance styles must comply with standards of Catholic morality, standards that include modesty and safety. Chaperones in attendance will be the final judges of the appropriateness of dance style. Chaperones will bring to the attention of any student that his or her behavior or dancing has been deemed inappropriate. Failure to comply with the school’s standards will result in the students removal from the dance.


Inappropriate dancing includes, but is not limited to:
Sexually explicit or suggestive dance moves – including but not limited to:
grinding or pelvic thrusting; twerking; wrapping legs or straddling legs around another person; front to back dancing
Hands on intimate body parts during the course of dancing – including buttocks, groin, inner thigh or pelvic area
Mosh pit dancing
Sandwich dancing



Believe it or not, the time has come for Mid Quarter 1 Progress Reports. At SMSA, academic progress is formally charted four times every semester plus once at the conclusion of J-Term. For Semester I, these four key dates include the following: September 21 (Mid-Quarter 1 Progress Report); October 25 (Quarter 1 Report Card); November 22 (Mid- Quarter 2 Progress Report); January 4, 2024 ( Quarter 2 & Semester I Report Card). On those dates, parents and guardians may log onto Skyward parent/family access to view and print the grading report (paper copies are only provided for the final Report Card after Semester II).


Eligibility Standards:

Aligned to each of these four grading periods in Semester I, student eligibility for participation in co-curricular activities is reviewed. Parents can find the full details of SMSA eligibility standards outlined in the Athletic Code of Conduct and in the Student-Parent Handbook. In short, students with one or more failing grades (F) at designated grading period are determined to be temporarily ineligible for participation in SMSA athletics or co-curricular activities. Students may regain eligibility by improving their failing grade to a passing grade within a defined period of time specific to their ineligibility status.


Administration will review student grade reports for eligibility on the dates outlined here. Mr. Krueger shall manage the communication around eligibility with students, parents and coaches/club moderators. Finally, as of the 2023 – 24 school year, “J” Term will be used as a separate grading period, and therefore SMSA will now have nine grading periods each aligned to co-curricular eligibility review.


Our Lady of the Ledge, pray for us.

News & Information

¡Vamos a Costa Rica!

The planning for the Spanish Costa Rica trip June 10-17, 2024, is underway. We have a good number of students already registered for this awesome cultural and educational adventure at this point, but want to make sure that everyone who is interested signs up before the price goes up on the 28th of this month. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can start your Gift of Education Program in your social media! In 2019 a student fundraised her whole trip using this method.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


More Information

Upcoming Dates

Week of September 18 – Homecoming Week

Wednesday, September 20 – 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Welcome Back Spaghetti Dinner – SMSA Cafeteria


High School Counseling

Upcoming College Visits

Monday September 18th – Marian University – 9:10-9:50 a.m.
Tuesday September 19th – Bellin College – 9:55-10:35 a.m.
Tuesday September 19th – Ripon College – 11:25 a.m. -12:05 p.m.
Tuesday September 26th – St. Norbert College – 9:10-9:50 a.m.

Please let Mrs. McCarthy know if you would like to attend any of these visits.


Boys & Girls Club Job Posting

Please view the flyer for more information!


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