Visible Learning 

As we begin a new year of learning on the Ledge, I am pleased to share a little information about our instructional goals for the year.  One of these goals in our high school is directly related to how we best leverage and use the 80 minutes of instruction, four times daily, that comprises our block schedule.  During each 80 minute class block/period, our faculty is committed to implementing best practices of instruction characterized as “visible learning.”  In a nutshell, visible learning occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of their students, and when students are empowered to see themselves as teachers also.  Our collective goal this year is to ensure that the following elements of learning are evident – made “visible” – during each and every class:

  • Daily learning objectives/goals are expressly stated and posted 
  • Students and teachers make active intentional connections to prior knowledge, recapping previous lessons learned
  • New instruction is differentiated to meet diverse learning styles and needs of all students
  • Effective pacing keeps the lesson advancing forward
  • Teachers effectively monitor and assess student understanding as the lesson evolves
  • Physical movement is designed to compliment learning objectives and create positive engagement
  • Time is budgeted for students and teacher to reflect on lessons offer feedback
  • Students shall demonstrate learning through exit tickets to close each class session


Late And Missing School Work

Included in the 2021-22 Curriculum Guide  2021-2022 High School Curriculum Guide are course descriptions, but also key SMSA and Archdiocesan academic policies.  The Late and Missing Work policy can be found on page 10.  During student orientation, the administration reviewed this important schoolwide policy with all students: 


Late and/or Missing School Work: Informed by the Ledger Way core values of respect, responsibility and community, all SMSA teachers and students abide by the same norm for late and missing school work. Missing work is not only disruptive to the student, but also to the learning of other students, the efforts of teachers and the overall learning process. When a medical excuse or other valid extenuating circumstances are verified, exceptions may be granted. As a standard practice, however, students and parents should be advised of the following SMSA norm: 

  • Assignments submitted one calendar day late shall be accepted, but may earn only 95% of full grade potential. 
  • Assignments submitted up to 3 calendar days late shall be accepted, but may earn only 90% of full grade potential.
  • Assignments submitted 4-7 calendar days late shall be accepted, but may earn only 80% of full grade potential. 
  • Assignments submitted after 8 calendar days late shall not be accepted, and will be recorded as a “zero” grade. 


Our Lady of the Ledge, pray for us! 

Eamonn O’Keeffe 

Principal, High School

Upcoming Dates

Fall Play Auditions – September 13th and 15th

Attention students interested in the fall play:

Auditions for “Every Babysitter’s Nightmare” will be held next Monday, September 13th and next Wednesday, September 15th after school in room 2077 (MS music room).


Please find a partner and sign up for a time in the office. If you do not find a partner, that is okay too!

Take an audition form to fill out and bring to your audition, as well a scene of your choice from the options in the office. They don’t have to be memorized.


All interested tech crew members need to fill out a form and leave it in the envelope in the office by the end of the day Wednesday, September 15th. Show dates are November 19th-21st.

All System Mass – September 17th – 9:15 a.m. at Holy Family Church.  Mass attire is the dress code for this day. Parents are welcome! This is also the official add/drop deadline – the final day any schedule change can be approved for Semester I. 

News and Information

Virtual Learning Option

As has been previously communicated, in 2021-22, all requests for the virtual learning option must be approved by the administration.  The formal application for this option can be obtained by clicking here or by contacting Mrs. Amy Pickart at


In-person classroom learning and instruction is the preferred educational model at SMSA for all grade levels PreK-12. That said, given present conditions, virtual learning shall be an SMSA option as needed in 2021-22. Parents may request/declare the virtual learning option for a period of one week (5 school days) up to one semester in duration (terms are renewable). Virtual learning may be a blend of methods to be determined, including but not limited to synchronous (real-time interactive, online) and asynchronous (non-interactive, prepared virtual resources). To receive approval as a virtual learner, parents must complete this application for virtual learning. The completed application must be submitted at least one full week prior to the first day of virtual instruction. 


Exceptions: In cases of an unanticipated health quarantine or other medical event that may result in a student being unable to physically access campus, virtual learning may commence immediately. Parents will still be expected to complete the required virtual learning application paperwork so that accurate school tracking may be maintained. All virtual learning requests – regardless of reason or duration – must be approved by the administration. The Ledger Learning Guide and Google Classroom will be maintained as virtual academic resources during both in-person instruction and virtual learning. SMSA reserves the right to approve, deny, recommend or require virtual learning for any student. 


Parents may not spontaneously (day-to-day) declare students as virtual learners.  Students who are in-person learners (undeclared virtual learners) shall be marked absent on any school days when they are not present in-person, similar to attendance practices prior to the pandemic. Students who are declared as virtual learners and who are engaged in synchronous instruction may be marked absent if their online presence cannot be reasonably detected by teachers.

Masks on Buses

At this time, it is a Federal mandate that all people (including student school bus riders) wear masks while onboard buses.  Please make sure that your daughters and sons keep a mask, or supply of masks with them at school for whenever they will ride buses to Mass, field trips, retreats, service experiences, athletic contests or any school related excursion. 

Join Us: First All System Mass! 

Friday, September 17th is the first All System Mass – beginning at 9:15 a.m. at Holy Family Church.  Mass day attire is expected of all students.  Parents are welcome to join us in prayer and worship as we ask for God’s blessings on a new school year.  

Questbridge: National College Match Program and Scholarships

The 2021 National College Match application is now available and open!  Please click on QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship to learn more. Apply by Tuesday, September 28th. 

Student Schedules

As a reminder to families, any request to make changes to a student schedule shall require administrative approval.  Schedule changes which are initiated by a student or parent may incur a fee ($50) if approved.  Schedule changes which are initiated by school personnel shall not require a financial charge for families.  If you do have schedule questions, these may be addressed during the designated period, beginning Monday, August 30th and concluding on the “add/drop” deadline, Friday, September 17th.  Schedule change request forms are obtained in the North Hall Main Office and shall be submitted to.

Parent Connectors Group

Would you like to become more involved in our school community? Throughout the year our Parent Connectors Group, celebrates our fabulous staff by providing snacks/meals for them. We also plan a very special week to show our gratitude towards them for staff appreciation week! If your youngest child is in 9th – 12th grade and you would like to be involved with donating items or helping with things for our staff, please email Andrea Nuss, You will then be added to our Parent Connectors email group.


Thank you so much to all of our volunteers! We couldn’t do it without YOU!

High School Counseling

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Career Exploration

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Job Opportunities

Festival Foods

Click here to view our flyer.

Red Cabin at Green Acres

We are looking for full and part time positions and are willing to work around your schedule with school, sports, family and church.  We are doing a hiring incentive. $100.00 to the person hired, after being with us for 30 days.  Click here to view our flyer or call and ask for Sara or Kathy at 920-906-9110.

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