Catholic Social Responsibility 

Last week I announced in the eLedger that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee has released a valuable new resource focusing on four key contemporary challenges and their relevance for Catholic schools today. While not an exhaustive list of challenges, they are:  culture, racism, civic participation for the common good, and economics. The Guidebook is designed to provide educators with clear guiding principles for Catholic social responsibility, Catholic theological resources that correspond to the four contemporary challenges, and alignment of Catholic Social Teachings to current Archdiocesan curriculum, policies, and accreditation standards. CatholicSocialResponsibilityGuidebookforCatholicSchoolsFinal9.22.21.pdf


All parents and guardians are invited to become familiar with this document.  During the weeks ahead, I plan to offer excerpts of each of the four challenges in eLedger.  This week’s challenge, Culture:


“While contemporary society often exalts individualism, the Catholic tradition teaches that

human beings achieve fulfillment in community and that culture should be subordinated to the

integral perfection of the human person. Catholic schools preach the truth of the Gospel and

promote a culture of peace often in opposition to the greater culture. We believe that every

human being, from conception until natural death, is created in the image of God, redeemed

by Jesus Christ, and intrinsically worthy of respect. In asserting the dignity of the human

person, Catholic educators strive to inspire students to work for social justice and human

solidarity. Essential to this effort are educational programs and experiences that help students

to reflect on cultural challenges in light of the Gospel. Catholic schools are uniquely

positioned to develop students’ global awareness, foster their desire for social and cultural

engagement, and challenge students to use their gifts to benefit society. Catholic schools

educate the whole student by effectively integrating faith, culture, and life.”


I urge parents and guardians to take a closer look at the Church’s theological response to the challenges associated with “Culture,” which is provided in the Guidebook


Finally, click here for further Catholic Social Responsibility resource information intended for parents that has been released this week by the Archdiocese:  


Academic Integrity

At SMSA integrity is an expectation for all students and employees.  Academic integrity calls teachers, students and all members of the school community to act with honesty, respect, trust, fairness and responsibility.  Breaching academic integrity is sometimes referred to as ‘academic misconduct’ or ‘academic dishonesty.’  At the Springs, the academic integrity policy is found on pages 17 and 18 of the High School Student Handbook which is found on the SMSA Website by clicking here


The policy states: 

“Cheating in any form is a serious offense against the rest of the student community. It damages the trust among your peers and with your faculty. It is expected that all school work submitted for the purpose of meeting course requirements represent the original efforts of the individual student. All forms of academic dishonesty will subject the student to disciplinary action. The following are examples of academic dishonesty:

  • Cheating on an assessment. This includes but is not limited to the use of “cheat sheets” or other outside resources including programmable calculators, electronic devices and phones when not specifically allowed by the teacher.
  • Plagiarizing. Using another individual’s words and/or ideas without giving proper acknowledgment. This includes cutting and pasting information into assignments without proper citation.
  • Relaying information about an assessment to students who have not yet taken it, or obtaining information about an assessment prior to taking it.
  • Copying another individual’s assignment or completing the assignment with others when the assignment is intended for individual completion.
  • Allowing one’s work to be copied.
  • Fabricating data and/or citations.
  • Submitting for credit the same work in more than one course without prior approval from the teacher.
  • Acquiring papers, answers and/or assignments from another source.”


At SMSA, we take character education as seriously as any other form of learning.  Students are not expected to be perfect.  Indeed we all make mistakes.  We know that there is a better way – The Ledger Way!  As such, we strive to be a community of learners who grow from our mistakes and are determined to embrace honesty and integrity.  We do not wish to repeat errors of the past.  It absolutely takes a village of committed students, teachers and parents/guardians to correct course as necessary, rebuild trust, and advance personal growth. As always, we are in this together. 


Our Lady of the Ledge, pray for us! 

Eamonn O’Keeffe 

Principal, High School

Upcoming Dates

Friday, November 5th – End of Quarter I

Monday, November 8th – NO CLASSES/ Teacher Inservice and Quarter Grading Day

Tuesday, November 9th – Quarter II begins

Wednesday, November 10th – High School Parent -Teacher Conferences, 4:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Hockey Season Kick Off Meeting - October 27th

All those interested in playing High school hockey for the 21/22 season, please mark your calendar for the Player/Parent meeting which will be held on Wednesday, October 27th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Korbie Commons (SMSA Cafeteria).

Big Money Raffle - Drawing January 14th

Big Money Raffle – Blue And White That’s Right!

The new “Blue and White Big Money Raffle Tickets” have been distributed and are available for purchasing! Please be sure to throw away the pink tickets and only sell the blue and white BMR tickets for the January 14, 2022 drawing!


We appreciate your support in selling and/or purchasing the new blue and white tickets and returning them to school on or before Friday, January 14, 2022. Your participation is vital to the success of this fundraiser and reaching our goal of raising $100,000 for our school. We cannot wait to pull the $20,000 winning ticket on Friday, January 14, 2022 at noon.


Additional tickets may be purchased at the North, South and Scrip offices at SMSA or you can contact Kristin at or 920-322-8006.

2022 Yearbook Updates - Order Deadline December 1st

The deadline to order a 2022 yearbook will be December 1, 2021. Prices will be $50 before the deadline and $65 for any payments after December 1 until April 15th, then they will end. To order, visit SMSA’s website homepage, scroll down to the bottom where you will see a “yearbook” banner. From there, the banner will redirect you to Walsworth where you can order a yearbook, and for senior parents, order a personal ad.


This year we will be using “yearbook snap,” an app that allows students and parents to submit photos from the year. After downloading the app from Google play or the App Store, select Saint Mary’s Springs Academy as your school and use this access code-SMSA2022. You will then be ready to submit photos from your camera roll!

News and Information

“Sick” In 2021

As always (but especially in these times) when students are not feeling well, parents are expected to keep them home from school.  If feeling sickly or ill but intending/likely to return to school within a day or two, students are coded as “Ill” in Skyward attendance for each day missing – just like in pre-pandemic times.  In these cases, students will NOT have access to synchronous (live) virtual learning.  Students can, however, keep current with assignments and class expectations asynchronously through the Google Classroom of each teacher/course.   Students may apply to be  live virtual learners (see below) but each approved virtual learner will be coded as such for a minimum of one full week of school (5 school days).

Virtual Learning Applications

A change from last year is that parents may not spontaneously (day-to-day) declare students as virtual learners.  Students who are in-person learners (undeclared virtual learners) shall be marked absent on any school days when they are not present in-person, similar to attendance practices prior to the pandemic. Students who are home ill for a day can expect to keep up with classroom expectations via Google Classroom, but not as live/ synchronous virtual learners. As has been previously communicated, in 2021-22, all requests for the virtual learning option must be approved by the administration. The application form can be obtained by clicking here or by contacting Mrs. Amy Pickart at

High School Counseling

Bullying Awareness and Prevention: Creating Safer Schools

Hello everyone! October is National Bullying Prevention Month. I wanted to share a resource in case any families or staff are interested. Please join the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse on October 26 at 3:00 PM ET for an informational webinar on bullying awareness and prevention resources, tactics, and strategies to create safer school environments. This session will provide information and resources to the kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) school community. I already registered, so please join me!

Click here to register.


We are working on implementing more social emotional lessons/resources for our students and want to also provide parents with resources as well. We will keep you updated as we work on creating more lessons/resources for our families. Thank you!

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The Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac

The Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac is now hiring Museum Associates, to work 3-15 hours per week. Ideal candidates are creative and enjoy working with children and adults, in addition to being helpful, friendly and proactive. Click here to apply, fill out a short application.

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Pizza Ranch Fond du Lac is offering:

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Pizza Ranch Fond du Lac:  920-929-8800

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