From the Office of Eamonn O'Keeffe: High School Principal

Shaped by Communion and Community

It is natural, even human, to seek communion with others. To have people accept us, care for us, root for us is a blessing. To freely celebrate and share life’s joys or burdens within a community is a true comfort. Young people especially crave the sense of belonging, acceptance, support and identity that comes from the experience of being a part of a life-giving community.


Since the 1970’s the US Catholic Bishops have reinforced that “building community” is one of four foundational pillars that distinguish Catholic schooling. In 2014, the National Benchmarks and Standards for Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools identified “shaped by communion and community” as one of the defining characteristics of Catholic schools.


Here at the Springs, “community” is one of our Ledger Way core values – the living roadmap which supports our mission and vision of education. By explicitly placing community as a prominent school value, we emphasize that relationships are a high priority at SMSA. While we are not a perfect school, students, staff and faculty strive daily to faithfully build relationships, and to make a positive difference in one another’s lives. Through countless generous acts; selfless service outreach; supportive presence, and hospitality, Springs educators, students, parents, alumni and the many partners, benefactors and boosters of “Ledger Nation” have developed a special unity – a distinct communion – which has become the ‘secret sauce’ of life on the Ledge! It is not only special, it is vital to the success and future growth of SMSA.


Together as a Catholic school community, we are on a mission to prepare students to be thriving members of an increasingly complex, diverse and dynamic society. Divisiveness is defeated by people who are committed to communion! Rooted within a strong and nurturing community that wants the very best for them, our students develop, mature and thrive! And like most of the 114 years of Catholic education at the Springs, our Ledgers today are formed and coached and counseled by women and men who come to love them like members of their own families. At St. Mary’s Springs Academy we are blessed to be shaped by communion and community!


Thank you for choosing SMSA, and for trusting our community with the care and education of your children.


Our Lady of the Ledge, pray for us.

News & Information

Parents of Performing Arts

If your child is in high school or middle school band or chorus, theater or jazz vocals/band, we’d love for you to join us!


PPA meeting dates for 2023/2024 school year:
Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Tuesday, May 14, 2024


All meetings will be held at 6 pm in the Lauby Lounge (first floor teacher lounge). Contact Anne Brunette at with any questions about the PPA!



Trout in the Classroom Update for 2023-2024

Last Spring the SMSA Trout in the Classroom project stocked 324 Brook Trout from 2.5-5 inches in length into Auburn Lake Creek. The DNR fishery manager was very happy with the condition of our fish. This year, we will be getting Southwest Wisconsin Feral (wild) strain trout instead of the hatchery strain trout we’ve had the last 2 years. Feral strain fish survive better in nature and reproduce better than hatchery strain fish.


Because of this, we will be receiving trout that have already hatched and passed a health inspection by the DNR. (Wild fish require a health inspection prior to moving them.) This means our trout will arrive in February 2024 instead of November 2023. We will be getting healthy, strong, wild fish so the extra wait will be well worth the patience we are now required to have as we wait.



Michael J. Wolfe Annual Pro Life Exhibition Scholarship

Calling all Teens! Promote your pro life belief and show off your creativity. And win some CASH in the process. Please see the attached flyer for the Michael J. Wolfe Exhibition sponsored by The Fond du Lac Chapter of WI Right to Life.


Learn More



Poinsettia Sale 2023

The HS Music Department is kicking off their annual poinsettia sale this week. The money from this sale helps to offset the cost of future Music Department Trips.


If you would like to participate in the poinsettia sale or purchase one, please email: Megan Seel –


The Poinsettia’s are $20 and can be picked up from Haentze’s Floral between now & 12/24.



Thank you for supporting the HS Music Department!



Festival Foods Discount Card Sale - Supporting High School Germany Trip 2024

SMSA is hosting a trip to Germany & Austria for our high school German students in the Summer of 2024!  Part of our preparations is to hold fundraising events to offset our costs and raise awareness of this travel opportunity within our community.


This week, student-travelers have launched their first fundraiser, selling Festival Coupon sets that feature multiple in-store benefits, including 5% off of $75+ grocery purchases, and money off on pizza and sodas.  Coupon sets are $20 each.


If you would like to make a purchase to benefit our traveling SMSA students and get yourself a lower grocery bill in the process, please reach out to Ms. Stephanie Herbst (“Frau”) at This fundraiser is running from now until the end of the day on Monday, November 27th.



Just Another Audition-Fall Play

St. Mary’s Springs present “Just Another Audition” by Bryan Starchman. This comedy takes the audience backstage to witness the worst high school auditions EVER where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong! An overzealous assistant director and a slacker stage manager, along with a wacky group of wannabe actors, are left to cast their senior show themselves. The student assistant director has big aspirations, so big in fact they are convinced the show’s success could be their golden ticket to college…and maybe even Broadway! What follows is a rollicking show full of accidental auditions, movie and pop culture hits reworked, bad songs, creepy clowns, overbearing drama mamas, and some slithering surprise guests.


Directed by alum’ Christa Lewis (Rebek ’95), the show stars many students in multiple roles. The cast includes: Gavin Rose, Teresa Brunette, Parker Gorske, Katherine Howard, Cain Neumann, Evan Seel, Stephanie Salas, Brody Stephany, Ashton Lewis, Sianna Feucht, Annabelle Seel, Gabi Rademann, Madelyn Reilley, Anilu Moreno, Katelyn Frohrip, Gavin Twohig, Cristina Lopez, and Justin Everson. Crew members are: Peyton Grafton, Cain Neumann, Luis Salas, Ryan Holder, Adrianna Serrano, Carly Masarik, Cecilia Wagner, Nicholas Sweeney, Andrew VanderGrinten, Anna Willis, Mishka Oberg, and Linda Janoutova.


The show will be performed Friday, November 17th at 7pm; Saturday, November 18th at 7pm; and Sunday, November 19th at 1pm in the Horace Mann PAC at 325 McKinley Street in NFDL. Tickets are available on and are $12, $7 for seniors and students. An additional $2 is added if purchased at the door.


Purchase Tickets




Ledger Hockey Apparel - Deadline to Order is November 17, 2023

The SMSA Ledger Hockey online store through Hopper’s will be open until November 17th. Order will be available for pickup at Hopper’s starting Wednesday, December 6th.  


Click here to purchase your Ledger Hockey apparel today! 




It's Big Money Raffle Time!


BMR tickets have been distributed to the youngest child in every family. If you did not receive your tickets, please contact Kristin Zitlow at, or a member of the BMR committee (listed below). Sold tickets can be returned to SMSA any time before the live drawing on January 12, 2024.


Please make all checks payable to SMSA. Additional tickets can be picked up at the North, South or Scrip offices at SMSA, or from the following locations in our community: Central Barber, Everson Law Office, Flood Oil Company, Holiday Automotive, Holy Family Catholic Church, Hopper’s Silk Screening & All Star Trophy, Michels Corporation and Twohig Family Dentistry.


Who will be the Grand Prize winner on January 12, 2024, taking home $20,000? Will it be YOU?!


BMR Committee:

Valerie Everson — 920.251.3719
Stephanie Fessler — 920.960.0556
Katie Mathos — 920.979.6757
Lisa Shannon — 920.539.2892
Sasha Smith — 920.517.1693



Upcoming Dates

November 22-24 – No School Thanksgiving break

High School Counseling

Senior Scholarship Information

Please refer to the information provided at the link below, for local and state scholarships that SMSA seniors can apply for. This list is always subject to change and may not be all-inclusive.


Local scholarship opportunities (Fond du Lac area) are listed first, followed by opportunities for residents of the state of Wisconsin.