From the Office of Eamonn O'Keeffe: High School Principal

Mary's Month & Mothers Day

Since childhood, I have celebrated two women during the month of May: My mother…and the Holy Mother! The Church celebrates May as the month of Mary, Jesus’ mother, Queen of Heaven. The Church has dedicated the Americas to Mary, and of course she is the namesake and patron of our beloved SMSA. Mary is our eternal partner, interceding perpetually for us with her Son. In our life on the Ledge, we invoke Mary daily in prayer. In countless ways, Mary urges us to grow closer to her Son, our Lord Jesus.


Mary is the most perfect model for all mothers. Mary’s ever-loving presence, raised Jesus and nurtured Jesus without end. In life, she protected and taught Jesus, presenting him for religious education, later finding him in the Temple drawing near to God the Father, and faithfully supporting both his public teaching ministry and his final agonizing walk to Calvary.


Here on the Ledge, I have observed the enduring impact of moms on their children and the Springs community. I have seen moms tirelessly advocate for their kids and support the children of others. I see moms volunteer generously and happily to make the life of young people better. I have spoken with moms who continue to make great personal sacrifices for the sake of kids. I know mothers who have suffered gut wrenching heartaches, who have celebrated unbelievably great joys, and everything in between.


This Mother’s Day, we thank God for the gift of our amazing mothers – and all those near and far who take the time and care to mother us, nurture us, walk with us and share with us their amazing grace. As we prepare for Mother’s Day, we ask Mary to spread her motherly love to all of our mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the Springs community!


Key End of Year Events & Class of 2024 Celebrations

Saturday, May 11 Jazz Night. (Avenue 795) from 6-8:30pm This will be the final 2023-24 performance for the SMSA vocal and instrumental jazz ensembles. Family and friends are encouraged to attend.


Wednesday, May 15 Spring Concert (Holy Family Church) from 7-8:30pm. This will be the final chance for some senior students to share their musical gifts publicly in our community. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. Special senior recognitions shall be part of the program.


Thursday, May 16 Ledger Honors Convocation (Holy Family Church – NEW venue for this event) from 9am – 10:30am. This is an assembly that includes ALL high school students, and integrates annual Department Awards and SMSA heritage awards. The accomplishments of underclassmen and our seniors shall be highlighted and celebrated. Key legacy and heritage awards will be presented in the presence of the whole school community. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. A livestream link to the event will also be made available.


Sunday, May 19 Senior Honors Ceremony (Stayer Center, Marian University – NEW venue for this event) from 2-4pm. This special event and reception is for all seniors and their parents, who will be joined by class moderators and administration. The event agenda shall include: sharing the traditional senior superlatives; viewing the senior video; and a special “parade of seniors” – which includes the formal presentation of cap & gown as well as special gift from Campus Ministry to all graduates. The high school accomplishments and future plans of each senior shall be highlighted.


Wednesday, May 29 Final Day of Classes for Quarter 4, Semester II and the 2023-24 School Year.


Thursday, May 30 Commencement Practice (Holy Family Church) from 10:30 to 12 Noon, REQUIRED. Seniors will attend a required rehearsal with class moderators and administration for Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement.


Sunday, June 2 Baccalaureate Mass & Commencement (Holy Family Church) beginning at 2:30pm, REQUIRED. Students are asked to arrive and check-in at Holy Family Church by 2:00pm to begin lining up in the church hall. There is no limit/restriction on guest attendance. After a brief 15 minute break following Baccalaureate Mass, the Class of 2024 Commencement ceremony will begin in the Church (approximately 3:30 pm). Diplomas are presented to each graduate at Commencement. Both events will be livestreamed.


Guidelines for the End of Semester II

With the arrival of May, students and teachers are preparing for final semester assessments and projects! Here are some reminders for good planning:


Guidelines for Student Make-Ups:

If a student misses a concluding assessment/ exam due to an excused absence, the student must contact the teacher immediately to arrange for a make-up assessment/exam. If unable to reach the teacher, the student should contact the Counseling Office. Teachers shall not seek students to schedule make-up assessments.


If the student’s absence is unexcused, the teacher is under no obligation to provide a make-up concluding assessment/exam.


Approved make-up concluding assessments/exams must be administered in-person and completed by May 30. If a medical excuse or illness makes this unreasonable, teachers may request from the principal that a student be given an INC grade for Semester II. If approved, the student will have ten (10) school days (policy) to resolve the INC grade.

Virtual make-up of concluding assessments/exams is not permitted.


Guidelines for Student Anticipated Absence Requests:

Any request for alternative time to take a concluding assessment/exams must be approved by the principal at least one week prior to the student anticipated absence.


Alternative concluding assessments or exams may NOT be scheduled for a date/time AFTER the originally scheduled exam period.

By policy, parents/guardians may submit a request for “Anticipated Absence” at any time during the school year – including days on which a concluding assessment has been scheduled. The green form may be obtained in the North Hall Main Office and must be submitted at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to the anticipated absence date. When completed, the form will be signed by a parent/guardian and submitted to the administrator who monitors student daily attendance (Mr. Krueger).


Students who are approved for anticipated absence during concluding class and assessment days:

May ONLY have a concluding assessment/ exam rescheduled for a date and time earlier than the originally scheduled assessment date/time. This is a consistent norm of academic fairness, and a best practice of high performing schools.


Students are responsible for initiating and making alternative arrangements with their teachers. Teachers shall not seek students to schedule Anticipated Absence alternative assessments.


While not always possible, it is recommended that students receive a true alternative assessment /exam – different from the rest of the class. This is a consistent norm of academic fairness, and a best practice of high performing schools.


An alternative assessment should be of equal weight, scope and challenge as the original.


SMSA faculty are expected to support and accommodate any student/family who has planned properly for an anticipated absence.


Our Lady of the Ledge, pray for us.
Mr. Eamonn O’Keeffe
Principal, High School




News & Information

Roses for Mother's Day Being Sold This Friday, May 10, 2024

Students are able to purchase roses for their moms after school on Friday, May 10th to celebrate Mother’s Day! Tables will be set up outside of the North and South Hall entrances at the end of the school day. Roses are $2.00 each and the campaign supports the Fond du Lac Chapter of the Wisconsin Right to Life.




Jeans Day Fundraiser for the Missionary Fraternity of Mary

Campus Ministry will hold it’s annual fundraiser to benefit the Missionary Fraternity of Mary — the order of priests to which Fr. Fabián Rodas, Fr. Alejandra Umul, and Fr. Max Tzul (former Holy Family Associate Pastors) belong. The order educates and ordains priests in Central America, who minister throughout the world. Students can enjoy an out of uniform day on Tuesday, May 14th for a $3.00 donation for jeans and a $5.00 donation for sweats.




Jazz Night



High School Music Department's Spring Concert



Volunteers Needed!


Noon Kiwanis is looking for volunteers to help at their tent during Walleye Weekend. PLENTY of opportunities to earn service hours, while having fun, listening to great music (Kiwanis tent is located by the GRANDE stage), and give back to your community. Volunteer opportunities are available for teens and adults.


Click here to view volunteer opportunities and sign up!



SPEED Camp - Summer 2024 Information

Sports Performance Enhancement & Explosive Development (SPEED)

Summer Sports Performance Camp, June 10 to July 25, 2024.

Speed Camp High School Registration



Refer-A-Family Program

Did you know? You can Refer-A-Family and receive tuition credit!


Click Here to Learn More!



Parents of Performing Arts

Join us for the last meeting of the school year in Lauby Lounge. All parents who have children in Middle School or High School music are encouraged to attend.


Upcoming Meeting:
Tuesday, May 14, 2024. Note the change in usual day. All meetings will be held at 6 pm in the Lauby Lounge (first floor teacher lounge).


All are welcome to come to the spring concert on Wednesday, May 15 at 7 PM at Holy Family Church. We are looking for more parents to help, including board members.


Contact Anne Brunette ( with any questions about the PPA!




Upcoming Dates

Saturday, May 11, 2024 – Jazz Night (6-8:30pm Avenue 795)

Monday, May 27, 2024 – No School – Memorial Day

Sunday, June 2, 2024 – Baccalaureate Mass & Commencement 

High School Counseling

Final Trade Tour Dates

Dear Juniors and Seniors,
The final Envision Fond du Lac tour is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21st at Michels Corporation. These tours are designed for students looking to go into the Trades or looking for YA opportunities. We are looking for 4 Juniors or Seniors to attend this tour.


Please email the high school counselors if you are interested in the tour and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Please feel free to contact the high school counselors to reserve a spot!



Senior Scholarship Information

Please refer to the information provided at the link below, for local and state scholarships that SMSA seniors can apply for. This list is always subject to change and may not be all-inclusive.


Local scholarship opportunities (Fond du Lac area) are listed first, followed by opportunities for residents of the state of Wisconsin.