Upcoming Events

New Dress Code items for grades 6 – 12! Students have expressed that they would like a warmer uniform option, for layering.  Lands’ End was unable to provide anything to our liking. In cooperation with Hoppers, two new items have been added to the approved MS/HS dress code.  These items are NOW available for purchase at Hoppers and eventually at the SMSA Scrip office!

  • One item is a simple black fleece ($30); the other is more of a jacket ($55). Both items are full zip.  These items may be worn with any of the collared SMSA dress code items.
  • SMSA Vocal Jazz sings the National Anthem for the Wisconsin Herd on December 16th @ 7 PM in the Menominee Nation Arena, Oshkosh, WI.
  • High School Christmas Concert is on Wednesday, December 20th at Sacred Heart @ 7:00 pm.