From the Office of Eamonn O'Keeffe: High School Principal

Happy Labor Day!

As we enter the extended holiday weekend to celebrate Labor Day, we give thanks to God for the ability to work, make a living and support our families and community. Of course the dignity of the human person is the foundation to all of Catholic Social Teachings. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have published a simple prayer to help us recognize the blessing of work and the dignity of each worker. I am pleased to share that with you here:


Lord God, Master of the Vineyard,

How wonderful that you have invited us who labor by the sweat of our brow to be workers in the vineyard and assist your work to shape the world around us.

As we seek to respond to this call, make us attentive to those who seek work but cannot find it.
Help us listen to the struggles of those who work hard to provide for their families but still have trouble making ends meet.

Open our eyes to the struggles of those exploited and help us speak for just wages and safe conditions, the freedom to organize, and time for renewal.

For work was made for humankind and not humankind for work. Let it not be a vehicle for exploitation but a radiant expression of our human dignity.

Give all who labor listening hearts that we may pause from our work to receive your gift of rest.
Fill us with your Holy Spirit that you might work through us to let your justice reign. Amen.


Copyright © 2019, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. All rights reserved. This text may be reproduced in whole or in part without alteration for nonprofit educational use, provided such reprints are not sold and include this notice.


Back to School Night on the Ledge - September 6

Welcome back to the Ledge! With a full week of classes already accomplished, I am happy to report a positive start to the 2023-24 school year at the Springs!


I am also delighted to share that our annual high school “Back to School Night” is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 6th. This information was originally shared with families through the key dates document of the electronic Back to School packet earlier this month. I hope to welcome all parents and guardians back to the Ledge next week!


On the 6th, please plan to arrive before 6:30pm. Once on campus, please enter through the North Hall main entrance. There you will be greeted and shall receive a copy of your daughter/son’s Semester I schedule.


I want to emphasize that Back to School Night is an evening for ALL parents and guardians of high school students. The evening is designed for parents to meet each Semester I teacher in their natural habitat – their classrooms! Both A & B Day classes will be part of the condensed mini-schedule – as the full 8 period high school Master Schedule will be run in sequence starting at 6:35 pm and ending at 8:35 pm. In each mini-session, teachers will introduce themselves, and provide a brief overview of course learning targets, expectations, and assessment policies. Administration will also be available to provide updates and visit with you.


No RSVP is required, simply come and be prepared to learn more about your son or daughter’s classes at SMSA! All you have to do is arrive on time…we will get you pointed in the right direction! I am hoping for 100% representation from high school parents/guardians! We will be ready for you!


Our Lady of the Ledge, pray for us.

News & Information

Auditions for "Just Another Audition"


When: Wednesday, September 6th and Thursday, September 7th
Where: Mrs. Lewis’ Music Room-room 2077
What to bring: Sign up for an audition time in the office with a partner (if you can’t find one, I will read with you)


Choose a scene to perform with your partner (do not memorize)


Take and fill out the “audition form” and bring to the audition with all conflicts of after school rehearsals
***Interested tech crew, please take a “tech crew form”, fill it out and turn it into the “completed tech forms” folder in the office by September 7th


Show dates are November 17th-19th



Homecoming dinner this year for the freshman class will be at The Brick House on Main Street. The SMSA 9th grade class, The Brick House has been booked for dinner from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on September 23rd for the Springs Freshmen class Homecoming dinner. The meal will be $30 per person (tip will be included). The reservation can hold any number of students, it is for the entire class and their dates as well. Anyone with or without a date is invited and encouraged to attend.


We will need an RSVP from each student by September 10th.


Please RSVP to Julie Lenz at 920-960-8989 or

You can Venmo Julie Lenz @Julie-Lenz-7 or we can collect cash at the dinner.


Across from The Brick House is the Veteran’s Park. Everyone is welcome to head there at 6pm if they would like to do any group class photos.


Any questions please reach out to Julie Lenz at 920-960-8989 or Samantha Baker at 920-251-1882

Upcoming Dates

Friday, September 1 – All System Mass – 9 a.m. – Holy Family Church
Monday, September 4 – No School – Labor Day

Wednesday, September 6 – 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Back to School Night for Parents

Week of September 18 – Homecoming Week

Wednesday, September 20 – 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. – Welcome Back Spaghetti Dinner – SMSA Cafeteria