Letter From Dr. Julie Shively edd, 6-12 Principal
Dear Parents,
In an effort to continue to focus on the safety of our students, we are more diligent in monitoring the hallways and stairwells, reminding teachers to keep their doors shut and locked at all times.  We also ask that students have their planners with them when they leave their classrooms during class time.
Another area we also want to tighten up is students going to their cars during the day to retrieve forgotten items. If it is an emergency, we will always allow students to go to their cars, but we want them to remember their lunches, snacks, PE gear, etc. in the morning so they are not out of our care, even for a few moments.
We hope you will help by reminding your children to get everything they need from their cars before the school day so they will have it with them when they need it.


In Christ,
Julie Shively
Letter From Dr. Julie Shively edd, 6-12 Principal

February's Most Inspirational Teacher

Dear parents and students,

Ms. Pannier has been named February’s Most Inspirational Teacher!

You all thanked Ms. Pannier for her hard work and dedication – you must have also really enjoyed the Ireland trip!

Ms. Pannier earned the most votes with specific comments letting her know how much you appreciate her. Some of the student comments were, “I can trust her with anything”, “I always look forward to her class” and “She finds new and exiting ways to make class fun”.  Parents also noted that “Ms. Pannier works hard, arrives to school early and puts in a lot of extra hours to ensure students are ready to perform”.

Thank you, Andrea, for your dedication to the school, and thank you parents and students for appreciating our teachers!


Reminder of Dress Code Expectations

Dear Parents, we are seeing an increase in students wearing hoodies underneath their vests/sweaters.  Please remind them that only solid or heather colored long sleeved t-shirts (without graphics or writing) are permitted.  In other words, students should not be wearing sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, etc. underneath their vests.

JOOI Club is hosting a bracelet sale.  Please click here for more information.

2018 Prom Court

Congratulations to our 2018 Senior Prom Court:  Andrew Huck & Tess Herron, Clay Schueffner & Kambria Jaeger, Dawson Sarauer & Sophia Guerin, McKinley Buetow & Abby Michels, Owen Ahern & Ann Treichel

Looking For Blue Jeans
A group of students are working in partnership with Mrs. Norton to prepare for a high school community awareness campaign on April 25th in support of the Fond du Lac Says No More Initiative; an awareness campaign centered around the issues of domestic abuse and sexual violence. More details regarding this campaign will be released next week, but for now, the students are looking for used jeans (adult an/or young adult sizes) that will be used for marketing the campaign in our school. Please send jeans you wish to donate for this cause to SMSA and deliver to the North Hall Office now until next Thursday (4/19). Thank you in advance for supporting this important effort!

The halls are buzzing with talk about Prom and Post Prom on April 28th

Tickets for both events are available ($50 and $5, respectively.) Students can attend 1 or both events, as the tickets are sold separately.

The Post Prom Committee is looking for volunteers to help with games.  Shifts range from 10:30pm until 2:30am. This is a really fun way to volunteer, meet other parents, and your kid barely knows you are there.  It takes approximately 50 volunteers to ensure that the maximum amount of FUN is offered to the students. We are looking for about 15 more volunteers.  Please sign up today using the link below or call Rose Ahern at 920-517-5687 or Andrea Welsch at 920-960-6208. Thank you for your help!  http://signup.com/go/ghbVnWm

Freshman & Sophomore Lock-in event!

This event will be held Friday, May 18th and is sponsored by Be the Change Club.  It will take place at SMSA’s Baker Gym and Ledgeview Lanes.  Please click here for more information about the event!