Loss of employment, or change in employment status 
  1. Signed statement from the parent/guardian explaining reason(s) for unemployment
  2. Year-to-date pay stubs showing all income earned from work for 2019 (and 2020, if applicable)
  3. Termination letter and/or any documentation regarding severance pay
  4. Documentation of any unemployment benefits, disability benefits, retirement benefits, or insurance payments being received or expected to be received
Divorce or separation (requires that parents live in separate households) 
  1. Divorce: Copy of divorce decree (include custody and child support agreements)
  2. Separation: Copy of legal separation document (include custody and child support agreements); or, if legal separation document is not yet available, a signed statement from your attorney or unrelated third party showing the date of separation
  3. Parent/Guardian most recent W2’s if taxes were filed jointly
  4. Statement confirming parents/guardians are in separate residences
Death of parent/guardian 
  1. Copy of death certificate or an obituary notice
  2. Documentation of proceeds of estate distributions including: inheritance, insurance, pensions and Social Security benefits that you have received or expect to receive
Loss of untaxed income 
  1. Court documentation stating the last date of child support received
  2. Letter from the agency providing the benefits, detailing termination of benefits
  3. Statement from the agency that summarizes the amounts of the benefits already received
Unusual medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance or a health care flexible spending account 
  1. Copy of Schedule A from federal tax return
  2. If the Schedule A is not available or the expense was paid in the current year, other documentation may be provided. This could include: bills, insurance statements, canceled checks, or other proof of the amounts PAID. In addition to this documentation, you may include your total expenses paid in your written statement.
  3. Copy of parent(s)/guardian(s) most recent paystub
Private, non-SMSA, elementary, secondary, or college school tuition 
  1. Copy of billing statement from the school, including all financial aid and scholarships received
Educational Loan Payments 
  1. Copy of current bill showing minimum monthly payment due on all federal loans held by either parent/guardian or for private student loans held or co-signed by either parent/guardian on behalf of other children
Other documentation/circumstances 
  1. Any relevant documentation which will support request for reconsideration
If you have questions or need clarification on what to provide, please contact the SMSA Business Office at (920) 921-4870.