Transcript requests are processed by the Guidance and Counseling Office. To request a transcript, contact the Guidance Office via email at or The following information is required to process your request:


  1. Your name (including maiden name, if applicable)
  2. Year of graduation from Springs (or last year attended)
  3. Name (be as specific as possible) and address of where the transcript is to be sent


Most colleges, places of employment, and scholarship applications request an “Official” transcript, which means that the transcript must be sent directly from Springs to the college, employer, or scholarship committee. “Unofficial” copies are stamped as such and may be issued directly to the alumnus/former student.


Transcripts will not be released without the request/consent of the student (if 18+) or parent (if under 18). Final transcripts will not be released unless all outstanding accounts have been paid in full.


SMSA will not release students’ names and addresses or provide mailing lists to anyone, including representatives of the military and colleges/universities without the consent of the student and/or parent/guardian.