President’s Message

There is a common fiber that runs through our Ledger community. From the youngest of students right on up to those who are eagerly anticipating the next stage of their lives beyond high school. From the families of yesteryear, to the families of today who continue to make great sacrifice to ensure their children are a part of this great school. From the retired staff who passed the baton along years go, to the current staff who are tirelessly and selflessly committed to Catholic education. All of these stakeholders, of yesterday and today, have something in common. It’s a set of intrinsic values that bind us together, and define what it means to be a Ledger; a member of our faith-filled family and school community.


Earlier this year, we revealed the final component of our mission and vision exercise, when we revealed our System Core Value Statements, proudly coined “The Ledger Way”. These values define the unique qualities and principles that our students and community embody including Faith, Learning, Leadership, Respect, Responsibility and Community.


These values are not merely words on a page or letters on a poster, but rather, they define and guide our actions and attitudes. They serve as a promise, as members of a community and world, as to how we will treat one another. They call us to be the best version of ourselves and to truly lead a life of servant leadership. For St. Mary’s Springs Academy, our core values are a way of life, and mirror the values Jesus calls us to uphold.


It is our passion and our promise to instill these values into today’s youth, who are destined to go on to become leaders of the community and Church. Although our physical structure may look differently than it did years ago, we are all united by the strands which define who we are as members of the St. Mary’s Springs Community. WE ARE LEDGERS!


In Christ,
Kelly Norton