College & Career Planning


The college and career counseling process involves a plan for the future, a range of options, and a good dose of uncertainty. It can be exciting, daunting, and empowering.


College and career counseling on The Ledge works to assist students in identifying their strengths, aspirations, priorities, and goals through a process that involves self-reflection, critical thinking, and realism. This enables us to support students in charting a course to find their best possible post-secondary fit(s). We encourage students to take the lead in this process in order to maximize individual growth and ensure that the journey best prepares them for future success in college and beyond.


The Coordinator of College & Career Planning and the entire SMSA community join students and their families in creating a support network to lessen the anxiety and stress that come with discerning their futures. 

What We Do

College Counseling at SMSA is available to all students and families through multiple means