Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Submission Form

  • Nominator – Complete this form to nominate an individual you believe has had a significant impact on the SMSA HS athletic program. The individual can be a coach, player, administrator or supporter. Please consider the following criteria when submitting your nomination.

    Athletic Member:
    • Nominee must have earned at least one SMSA HS athletic letter award.
    • Moral character and good citizenship during high school and post high school years shall be a consideration.
    • Nominees must have participated on a WISAA/WIAA sponsored athletic team at SMSA HS.
    • Nominees for the SMSA HS Athletic Hall of Fame shall have last competed in a WISAA/WIAA sponsored sport at SMSA HS at least 10 years prior to the proposed date of their induction into the Hall of Fame.
    • Although athletic achievement while attending SMSA HS is of prime importance, outstanding accomplishments after leaving SMSA HS will also be a factor in making the selections.

    Coaches, Athletic Directors and other honorary members:
    • Must exemplify good character and citizenship.
    • Coach or Athletic Director needs to be retired from SMSA HS and no longer actively coaching.
    • Other factors that will influence selection of a coach:
    - Won-Lost record at SMSA HS
    - Length of coaching career at SMSA HS
    - Concern for the welfare of the players
    - Achievement of their former players
    - Outstanding achievements after leaving SMSA HS
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  • Nominee Information

  • Nomination Deadline: April 17, 2020

    Thank you for your nomination! We will contact the nominee for details regarding their athletic accomplishments and contribution to SMSA.

    If you have any questions, please contact Chris Gilles at (920) 322-8059 or