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At SMSA our staff, faculty, and administrators are dedicated to preparing our students to meet global challenges, embrace our local and extended communities with the examples expressed through our Catholic identity, and achieve the highest of academic standards possible.

Catholic Identity

Our Catholic identity is a fundamental part of our identity and the education that our students receive on a daily  basis. At our primary level the "Love, Lead, Learn" motto challenges our students and educators every day, ensuring that the growing process never ends. At the high school level our students embrace the opportunity to share the love of Jesus through community service, campus ministry, and yearly retreats. As a community we strenghten our bond in times of celebration and in times of need by worshiping through prayer together. The Catholic teachings that our students receive not only shape who they are today, but they set the foundation upon which our students excel both spiritually and academically in the years to come.



The rigorous curriculum at SMSA challenges our educators and students to reach their highest potential. In regards to academics, we let the statistics speak for themselves.

  • SMSA has a 99% graduation rate

  • 98% of our graduates pursue post-secondary education

  • Over 50% of our college students participate in college-level courses 

  • The ACT test scores of SMSA students average 1.8 points higher than the national average

When you enroll your child at SMSA you can have no doubts that our staff is ready to help you and your student discover their hidden talents, and mold them into exceptional minds and leaders for the years to come.


Career Preparation

While many of our students graduate and pursue additional education, we are very cogniscent of the fact that some of our students prefer to jump right into their professional careers. The structure of our curriculum at SMSA allows our students to consider both paths as viable options after graduation. Our hands-on atmosphere prepares students to use the technological resources available and critical thinking skills to embrace any kind of challenge after graduation.


Leaders in Creativity & Community

The multitude of extra-curricular and community service opportunities that are available to our students at all grade levels promote leadership in the minds and hearts of our community. The largest student club at the high school level is our community service club, which speaks volumes about where the priorities of our students lie. Extra-curricular involvement at SMSA is 91%. Whether our students participate in clubs or excel in athletics, the high standards that are set in the classroom are always one of our top priorities.