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We are starting the planning for this summer's technology week. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for classes you'd like to have offered please submit them to Tammy. We are also asking for recommended times for the classes. If you have questions or need additional information please contact Tammy at or 322-8000. Thanks for your input!

New Website Cleaning Out History

There are many people that are running into the new website not loading so pretty. The cookies/history for your browser need to be cleaned out and then it will look like it should. 

In Chrome: Upper right corner is an icon with three horizontal bars - click it. Select Settings. At the bottom of that page is a link for show advanced settings - click it. One of the first headings to come up is Privacy and you need to click the button for Clear browsing data... It asks you to Obliterate the following items from: in the drop down select the last 4 weeks or the beginning of time. Then click the Clear browsing data at the bottom. ***

In Internet Explorer: Upper right corner is an icon that looks like a gear - click it. Select Internet Options from the menu. On the General tab, find the section on the window that says Browsing History - Click the Delete button. On the next window that comes up click Delete. Click Ok. ***

***You may have to refresh your browser, or simply close out the internet and go back in. 

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