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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Some of the best advocates for a school are the students who experience its effects on daily basis. The SMSA Student Ambassadors Program is designed to provide current SMSA juniors the opportunity to share their love for Catholic education with prospective parents and students, as well as lead the SMSA student body by their actions. Not only are student ambassadors fundamental in showcasing academic excellence, community involvement, and Catholic values in front of prospective families, but they are equally important in strengthening the bond with current families. Student Ambassadors will be trained to become eloquent and knowledgeable representatives of SMSA. This position should also be viewed as an opportunity for students to build important skills that could be transferred into a future position in a college admissions office, as well.

Student Ambassador Application Process

Step 1: Complete an application. Applications can be found and dropped off in the Admissions and Development Office at the high school campus.

Step 2: Wait to hear from the Office of Admission regarding your interview date, time, and location. In the meantime you should prepare your 30 second speech on promoting SMSA to a potential student or family.

Step 3: Interview

Step 4:  Wait to hear from the Office of Admission for a decision. All applicants will receive notification in writing regarding the decision of the panel of judges.

Meetings & Communications

Student Ambassador meetings will be held in the mornings prior to the school day.  Communications amongst Ambassadors and with the Director of Enrollment & Retention will be via school email. Should members of the SMSA staff or community see an opportunity at which they believe the presence of one or more student ambassadors might be beneficial, they can contact the Director of Enrollment and Retention.