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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020 (VIEW HERE)

    It is an exciting time for St. Mary’s Springs Academy, as we celebrate our “Strength as One”. This new community theme celebrates and marks the most recent step in the evolution of Catholic education in the Fond du Lac region, as the once separate, independent schools throughout the city, have now merged into the consolidated K-12 campus on “The Ledge”. Much has been accomplished in the history of the Academy, with this latest chapter celebrating the completion of the Second Century Campaign and the construction of our new state-of-the-art campus. The following Strategic Plan, along with our defining theme “Strength as One”,  aims to both preserve the historical and spiritual aspects of school community that have long been engrained within our culture, as well as to establish annual goals and objectives that allow for ongoing, continuous improvement of our system.

    The Development of the St. Mary’s Springs Academy Strategic Plan was a comprehensive and inclusive process welcoming input from a variety of stakeholders, including faculty and staff, families, students, alumni and local parishioners. Through surveys, team S.W.O.T. meetings (strengths - weaknesses - opportunities - threats) and preparation of our system accreditation, SMSA was able to collect the data and impressions necessary to shape the system Strategic Plan. Through this process, five “Areas of Focus” surfaced including:

    • Living our Catholic Identity;
    • Excellence in Teaching and Learning;
    • Employee Development, Support and Engagement;
    • Celebration of Community;
    • Assurance of System Financial Stability.

    Each focus area has goals which aim to strengthen St. Mary’s Springs Academy over time and to serve as a road map for systematic, continuous improvement. Under each goal, key strategies  will be developed, outlining action steps, ownership, and metrics to allow for the ongoing evaluation of our plan and progress. These steps will be owned by our Continuous Improvement Team which will monitor the system’s progress towards its annual goals and action plans, as well as prepare annual reports for the St. Mary’s Springs Academy Board of Directors and our community stakeholders.

    We are proud to present this plan and hope that you, too, will continue to seek ways for us to advance our mission and vision. The foundation of our institution remains strong, but we need to build on that foundation to ensure a great future. We pray for your continued support and thank you for all the ways you have supported the growth and vitality of this incredible place we call St. Mary’s Springs Academy!