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Marian/SMSA Partnership

Marian/SMSA Partnership

Marian University/St. Mary’s Springs Academy Partnership


Established August 2011

On August 2, 2011, representatives of Marian University and St. Mary’s Springs Academy came together to sign an official relationship agreement in an effort to celebrate our joint heritage, better serve our community and advance our shared goal of providing Catholic educational excellence in Fond du Lac and beyond. The enhanced mutually beneficial relationship focuses on providing educational discounts to faculty, staff and students served by SMSA and Marian in an effort to reinforce our joint legacy and increase enrollments. Additionally, the relationship serves to expand the reach of the partnership, thereby, strengthening our schools, enhancing educational opportunities and increasing the attractiveness of our Catholic educational systems to a broader and larger number of parents, students and educators.


Partnership Benefit Components – entitled The Sr. Judith Schmidt, CSA, Benefit Program

Continuing Education Benefits: Marian University commits to offer a 50% discount on continuing education courses and degree programs to all full-time SMSA faculty and staff members. This discount is available for courses-only continuing education classes and for degree-seeking students.

SMSA High School Graduate Benefit (entitled Sr. Judith Schmidt Award): Marian University will provide an automatic 50% tuition discount annually to SMSA eligible graduating seniors. This award is available only to new SMSA graduates beginning 2011 and is not awarded retroactively.

Marian University Employee Benefit for Dependent Children: SMSA commits to offer dependent children (PK-12) of full-time Marian employees a 50% SMSA tuition discount.

Partnership Expansion Components

SMSA and Marian University will create an on-going partnership committee to investigate, develop and enforce other avenues that will benefit the joint systems through educational enhancement, cost saving measures, servant leadership development and strengthening our Catholic identity.
Participating in the Sr. Judith Schmidt, CSA, Benefit Program

SMSA High School seniors interested in attending Marian University and receiving the Sr. Judith Schmidt Award must:

  • Apply to Marian University ( and submit all required transcripts and test scores

  • Be admitted to Marian University to receive the Sr. Judith Schmidt Award

  • Complete all Marian University required registration materials and submit necessary deposits

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in the spring of senior year

SMSA Full-time Faculty and Staff interested in attending Marian University and receiving the tuition discount must:

  • Apply to Marian University’s adult accelerated or graduate studies programs (

  • Complete all Marian University required registration materials

  • Complete the Sr. Judith Schmidt, CSA, Benefit Program Participation Request form and return to the Marian University Business Office (click here for form) prior to your enrollment