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Magazine Drive

Magazine Drive

The SMSA Magazine Drive has ended but you can still order magazines!

The annual Magazine Drive is vital to the financial success of SMSA.  The pride demonstrated in our fundraising success reflects a commitment to excellence in all facets of our school community. Part of the success of this great fundraiser is the support of our local businesses and donors (several who wish to remain anonymous).

Ledgeview Lanes
Philly's on 4th 
Family Video
Cousins Subs (Main St.)
McDonald's (East Johnson)
A & W
Gilles Frozen Custard Drive-In


To Order Online

If you have subscriptions that need to be renewed, or if you would like new subscriptions to favorite magazines, please give SMSA a chance to place your order. You will receive a receipt for your purchases and then your orders will be forwarded to the publishers. SMSA would greatly appreciate your generous support.

If you are ordering online and don't have a specific student that receives credit, please use the following information:

Online code:  SPRINGS
Participant's First Name: NO STUDENT
Participant's Last Name: NO STUDENT