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Giving Societies

Giving Societies

St. Mary's Springs Academy recognizes two very important giving societies, and encourages your thoughtful consideration in both.

The SMSA Society

The SMSA Society recognizes donors whose annual contributions exceed $1,000. These gifts are the lifeblood of our institution and essential for not only our sustainability, but our future growth. SMSA Society donors will be recognized at the annual dinner in addition to the annual report. 

The 1909 Society

The 1909 Society at St. Mary’s Springs Academy was founded in 2013 to honor friends and alumni who have or plan to make a bequest to the institution. It seems fitting to call this special group the “1909 Society” since that is when our legacy began. Legacy gifting on behalf of our gracious donors, allows for our foundation to stay firmly affixed, and our institution the ability to grow and flourish well into the future. Leaving a legacy gift is an ultimate expression of confidence in SMSA and this society recognizes donor’s foresight, interest, and commitment. 

If you wish to join fellow classmates and friends in the 1909 Society, you can incorporate the following language into your estate plan:

“I bequeath $________________dollars or ______________% of my estate to St. Mary’s Springs Academy.”

Bequests may be restricted (i.e. to establish a scholarship, endow a faculty position, etc) or unrestricted (i.e allowing the institution to direct the funds to the area of greatest need). If you choose to restrict your gift, we ask that your financial advisory or lawyer contact our office to ensure that sufficient language has been used to direct your funds appropriately. 

Other planned giving options exist, and may include a life insurance policy, charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, or IRA/retirement assets. These gifts can also be discussed with your financial advisor or a member of our SMSA Advancement team. 

For more information, please contact:

Kelly Norton


(920) 322-8007