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Community Links

Community Links

Arc Maria Lane Adult Home and Park Group Home Fundraiser. Please click here for more information. 

Registration for Girls Youth Softball (summer league).

Exciting and new this year is the addition of 2nd graders to the league! There are 3 leagues---grades 2-8 are invited to play. Teams in the minors and rookies are typically formed by schools so come play with your friends this summer!  If cost is a factor, please let us know...we may be able to help! Questions? Please contact Catherine McGalloway at   Please click here for registration form.

Stretch your grocery money - Ruby's Pantry. Please click here for more information

Sunday Brunch at the American Legion - SMSA High School students will be serving every other Sunday. Please click here for more information. 

Sublime Saddlebreds LLC is a newly established horseback riding and training operation with a special emphasis on youth.
We teach students of all ages but have a rapidly growing youth group and riding school. We have also established a youth group that is directly affiliated with the American Saddlebred Horse Association. Our mission is to promote horsemanship through fun, experience, education and philanthropy. We will work to promote our breed by exposing and educating the general public to our passion in horses. We plan extra "horsie" events for the students to be exposed to the working side of horses not just how to ride but how to care for the animals. We plan activities such a veternary clinitians, farrier clinitians, and horse movie nights. We work toward educating riders that there is a lot more involved in the horse business than just riding. They learn grooming, equine anatomy, parts of saddle and bridle, competition techniques and much much more. We also do charitible activities to give back to our community. We will be ringing bells together as a group for the Salvation Army this fall.
Please click here for more information.

The Do-It-All Stars Basketball Club is again offering basketball at Do-It-All Sports Arena for ages 4 to 10 years old.  The season starts this Monday March 31st.  The older kids play competitive 3 on 3 basketball games while the younger kids perform fun drills while dribbling a basketball.  For more info and to register click the link:

The Do-It-All Stars Sports Programs are youth (4 to 10 year olds) Baseball, Flag Football, Soccer, and Basketball games played indoors at Do-It-All Sports Arena. To register and to learn more about each athletic opportunity, go to Then select the sport of your choice from the bottom left hand side of the home page. You can register online and pay online. See website for details.
For a complete list, with dates, of all the youth sports (Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Flag Football) available through the Do-It-All Stars click here: